Dec 05 2014

Expressing my love of Bumble and reading books


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I do celebrate three holidays in December. I’m not sure that there’s a show or movie related to them that I’m looking forward too. (I mean, yeah, I’ll watch Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer for the 50th time or whatever, but that’s because I love Bumble.) There is a book coming out this month that I read a review on. Caribou’s Gift (Kodiak Point) by Eve Langlais – which sounds like a really funny romance. Funny enough that it made my Amazon wishlist.


@JLenniDorner loves Bumble. He is now on a postage stamp.
What I’m reading:

I just finished two books (Mockingjay in hardcover, and Psi Another Day in Kindle), so I started reading my paperback copy of War of the Flowers (come back on Sunday to learn why this is funny) and The Mysterious Madam Morpho on my Kindle.


So far, the first 37 pages of War of the Flowers have been heart breaking, depressing, and kick-in-the-teeth sorrowful. Your experience may vary.


    • Beth on December 5, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    It is utterly impossible not to love Bumble. I dare anyone not to!
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    1. I’ve already geeked out over the stamps.

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