Dec 21 2014

Expressing Ideas this Sunday Seven

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A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?


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Seven ideas for the 2015 Express Yourself Meme


  1. How have you changed the world for the better?
  2. What book has made a setting come so alive for you that you feel like you’ve really been to the place?
  3. What fictional character best expresses himself or herself in the same manner that you normally do? (And what are they from? Name of the book, TV show, movie, videogame, etc.)
  4. What has been your favorite pet/ animal-companion of all time, and why? (Yes, fictional answers are acceptable too- especially if allergies keep you from animals, but you adored Hedwig.)
  5. What’s the most creative way you can come up with to send a thank you note?
  6. If you lost the ability to speak for the rest of your life, what three things would you miss doing most with the voice you no longer have?
  7. What do you feel is the best way to show your blog followers that you care?



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  1. #6 really made me think. WOW. I’d really miss saying, “I love you,” to my family. I’d mIss clicking my tongue at my horses. I’d really miss singing off key. #2 anything Black Beauty woman! You won the query critique from Sharon Mayhew on my blog. She’ll be in contact. WOOHOO to you!! I’m announcing it in the morning. Just giving you a heads-up.
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    1. You’d be surprised how many ways there are to express “I Love You” when speech isn’t an option. 🙂

      OMG!!! I could not possibly be more excited by this win.

      I’ll toss a copy of my current query letter up here, in case she has any trouble reaching me for whatever reason. (Not sure which email address, or Twitter, to be checking.)


      Dear (agent),

      Suppose the gift of choice was taken from you. What you’re wearing now, what you last ate, even the position of your body as you read this line at a job that someone decided you would take- imagine having no say in any of it. Alison refuses to live a life that she hasn’t selected for herself. It starts with a ceremony that will tell her what job she’ll get and if she’ll marry. It climaxes with her most intimate choice being stolen. She will embrace the most feared, forbidden ways to fight in the Darkrise, risking it all for the precious gift of choice.

      This young woman turns down the opportunity to marry the prince, prepares instead to lead an army, and discovers a plot to destroy her kingdom. The future will always come, so she must decide if her path will be the result of her own choices, or someone else’s. The Dagger in the Darkrise is a dark, high fantasy novel with approximately 90,000 words.

      J was a Penn State Honors and Scholars student majoring in English and Communication, and a Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Creative Writing Semi-Finalist. The author has been published (under pseudonyms) in several anthologies, a small press magazine, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. J was one of the thirty-two selected for the honor of competing in Write Club 2014. The Creative Writing Institute held a contest that resulted in J Lenni Dorner being published in the anthology “Wrong!” in December 2014.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      J Dorner

  2. Wow…some tough questions! Some remind me of some of the questions I’ve gotten in interviews for my blog tour. There’s such creativity in questions that are tough to answer.
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    1. Indeed. I like coming up with questions that are unusual.

  3. Great topic ideas! Thanks for sharing them, and I’m sure we’ll put them to use in 2015!
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    1. That’d be cool. I’m glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by.

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