Jan 24 2015

I made #timetoread WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014

My review ofWRONG!: A themed anthology 2014

Special Notes: I am one of the authors who won a spot in this anthology.

Proceeds from sales of “WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014” will benefit cancer patients in writing courses.

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WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014

There is something for nearly every fiction reader in this collection.

My personal favorites, in the order they appear in the book, were:

“The Devil and Mrs. Morgan” by Marsha Porter

  • A tale of spousal abuse with a horrendous twist at the end.

“Yogatta Be Kiddin’ Me” by Susan J. Nickerson

  • This humorous tale of sugary treats had me laughing my “Smarties” off.

“The Goddess” by Deborah Owen

  • It’s such a ridiculously powerful story! My attention was gripped relentlessly.

“Wrong!” by Jianna Higgins

  • This story was packed a powerful emotional punch. I cheered at the ending.

“Ice Mountain” by S. Joan Popek

  • Here is a strange story that fiddles with the mind.

“The Blind Date” by Regina Puckett

  • I might not read much in the romance genre, but this is one story I would definitely recommend. It’s an I-don’t-care-who-you-are-that’s-freaking-adorable-and-heart-warming. Seriously, if this became a Rom-Com movie, it’d be an instant classic. Someone call a Jennifer (Aniston, Garner, or Lawrence)!

“The True Riches” by David E. Navarro

  • Adventure, wisdom, and a riddle make this a fun read.

“Double Rescue” by Joyce Brennan

  • A good-natured story sprinkled with a romance.

“The Break” by Kara Donadt

  • The main character really grows and changes in this story, so that’s some great plotting. It’s highly relatable, because most of us have had or know someone who has “that friend,” the one who pushes the very boundary of the definition of friendship.

“EGOT and the Pond King” by J Lenni Dorner (my own entry)

  • The story takes place when one character is visiting the other in a care facility. They have a picnic lunch outside. Grammy tells the whimsical story of how she met her husband. To divulge more would ruin the unexpected ending.

“Aftermath” by Mark Trudel

  • I love when a story messes with my head so much that I have to read it twice and then reevaluate everything that I know. Thanks, Mark.

“Back Road Signs” by Cindy M Fox

  • Confession- What I enjoyed about this story is that a large chunk of it takes place where I grew up. I did wonder why there wasn’t scrapple with breakfast, and I’m sure the Amish hosts aren’t actually Amish (but this is knowledge I have, and the main character probably wouldn’t, so it has nothing to do with the story). Either Cindy is from my corner of the world, or she deserves a medal for excellence in research.

“My Favorite Season” by Nya Lewis

  • This is from the poetry section, under the children’s division. This poem has such a strong voice for a young person. I really enjoyed it.

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