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  1. I prefer to avoid conflict in my life, but a story has to have conflict–the more the better.

    Favorite car? That’s a difficult one. Love old cars. I wish I could have a 1950’s Hudson like my parent had when I was little.

    I tend to be a van guy though. Nearly every vehicle I’ve owned has been a van–that’s since 1974. Now I have a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Van. Love it!

    Arlee Bird
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    1. Vans? Interesting. I love how everyone has a different take on this question!

    • Hilary on April 3, 2015 at 4:11 AM

    Hi J – setting is so important and if using another country, presumably the author needs to understand sufficiently about it to bring it to a form of real life for the reader … and yes nature could easily become a setting .. choking us after we’ve contaminated it .. cheers Hilary
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  2. Favourite car – hmm – I’d have to say the Honda CRV because it is so easy to drive.

    Nature is all about conflict, survival itself can be seen as a conflict of humans against the elements in its basest form. 🙂

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    1. Absolutely!

  3. Well I dont think any of my little tales on my blog involve conflict. . . . AH hang on that is not entirely true we have been invaded by Aliens a few times and it has not always been hugs and smiles.

    Never hug an Alien is a useful tip by the way.

    As for a favourite car well I was always very fond on my old Triumph TR4, it had lowered suspension and the ground clearance at the front was only about two inches so you had to keep your eyes open for anything on the road or there was a loud bang.

    Thanks for calling by I will no doubt be Back to C you again . . . C what I did there HAH HA HAHAH HA hah ah ha hh ah aha hah a ha ha ha hah ah ah ha ha

    Rob Z Tobor
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    1. Oooh, that sounds like a nice car!
      I’ll be sure to avoid hugging space creatures. LOL.

  4. I tend to avoid conflict in real life but they live fully in my novels…setting, characters, POV, all of it. I enjoyed your post. I don’t like cars but I guess if I were offered one as a gift I’d take a Fiat.
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    1. Thanks for coming by. And thanks for answering the question of the day!

  5. Good point. Especially true for historical fiction. History is full of all kinds of conflict…

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    1. Yes, indeed.

  6. Conflict is the most fun thing to write into a story I love putting furniture in my character’s way, just to see them trip and fall down. Mwuahahah! I’m evil like that. My problem is that I struggle to resolve conflict in the end. I have so much fun writing t that I don’t want to solve all the evil little problems I’ve made for my characters.
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    1. LOL.

    • helena on April 4, 2015 at 2:23 AM

    I am trying to type out a profound response but my keyboard is currently much higher than my elbows (don’t ask), my brain is groggy due to staying up too many late nights, and it is getting hard to do much of anything right now. But I refuse to let this beat me….how am I doing?
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    1. LOL. Doing wonderfully.

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