May 11 2015

Bookish Survey #boutofbooks Answers

Bout of Books


The Questions: 

1. How do you organize your shelves?

By where the books will fit! I started off organizing by author last name, then I tried just by genre, then I tried just fiction here and non-fiction there… Yeah, it’s really just where the books will fit now. The shelves are full. (Or, as my dad said, “I don’t think they are meant to hold that many, which is why it’s warping.” LOL. Whoops.) I’ve moved on to piles. Piles I’ve read, and piles I will read next, and piles that I’ll get around to at some point.

2. What is one of your favorite book that’s not in one of your favorite genres?

This question assumes that I have a favorite genre.
I’m going to answer with this book. I’m not certain what genre it is, exactly. But it was unlike any other book I’d normally read. And I enjoyed it.

3. What is the last 5 star book you read?

Amazon assures me that the last 5 star book I read and reviewed was Insurgent (Divergent) by Veronica Roth on April 4, 2015.

4. What book are you most excited to read during the read-a-thon?

I am GOING to finish The Red Queen

5. What book do you recommend the most?

The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini. See my review here.


  1. Hey, at least one other blogger I know is doing this read-a-thon. I won’t be able to. I’m a snail reader. I tried the Goodread challenge last year, and with just 15 books, and I failed miserably. Oh, well…

    But good reading to you. Can’t wait to hear about the books you’ll be reading 🙂
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    • Cynthia on May 17, 2015 at 1:42 PM

    Great answers. I loved Insurgent too!
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