May 27 2015

Book Review of Trust Me, I’m Lying by @mesummerbooks with a Marshmallow Alert

Marshmallow alert!

Dear fellow Marshmallows,

I have found a book for you. No, it doesn’t take place at Neptune High. But the voice in this story reminds me of Veronica Mars. (And, naturally, of iZombie. Honestly, the two voices are similar.) Someone send a copy of this book to Rob Thomas A.S.A.P.


Trust Me, I’m Lying is a smart, witty, and exciting book. The vocabulary lends to the credibility that the main character intends to go to Yale one day. In other words, even though this book is YA, it doesn’t feel like someone “thesaurused-down” all the big words.

(Including one word, detritus, which an editor once told me that people wouldn’t know. Go Google a teen-girl-squeal sound effect to reflect my emotional joy.)

This book is a demanding page turner. I believe every chapter ended on a cliffhanger. You think you can put it down and walk away for five minutes, and then, BANG! There was even a twist that I thought I saw coming, and it looked like I was right, but then NOPE, retwisted and turned into a moment full of “the feels.”

(For you non-writers, “the feels” are those emotional highs when a book wields unbelievable power over a reader, causing outbursts of tears, laughter, or breathlessness. Great for calorie burning, as a case of “the feels” also ups the heartbeat.)

This book landed on my TBR list as a result of one of the book challenges I’m doing this year. It is my “a book with antonyms in the title” choice. I am so thankful that I’m doing that challenge, without which I might not have discovered this treasure. I’ll be updating the challenge checklist on Friday.


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