Jan 07 2016

GIVEAWAY Blog Hop – Hello my name is

Sharing fun/quirky/interesting/silly things about me and my blog!

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About J Lenni Dorner

1. When I was about seventeen, I wrote a short horror story. The male main character of that story had a daughter who he had named after his first car, which is where that daughter was conceived (not that he told her that part). This seemed unique, creative, inspired, and original to me. I later met a guy a who had a daughter named Shelby Cobra. And yes, THAT was how he picked her name (mostly).
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2. On the Internet, I have been called “Jenni” six times now. In my mind, the logical typo would be “Jay.” Or perhaps “Lenny” short for Leonard instead of Lenni as in the Lenni-Lenape tribe. I’ve tried writing the J both with a period and without (only to find that a period makes it “invisible,” as using it causes people to call me Lenni). Offline, non-tribal people all refer to me as J. It’s just online that this happens. Does this happen to M. Night Shyamalan? Does anyone accidentally address him as Might or Night online?

3. I think Lima beans taste like earwax. I’ve had them prepared several different ways, all with the same result. “Earwax with bacon?” “Earwax covered in barbecue sauce?” I’d eat them if I had to, but I can’t imagine ever enjoying them.

4. During midterms week in college, I was studying in the lounge. Someone, I think they were doing a survey, came up and asked me how many bones I had ever broken. Without looking up from my work, I wrote “3, but he deserved it.” I slid the notebook over and kept on studying. It took several minutes before I realized why everyone freaked out about the answer. Whoops.
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Have any of your most unique ideas ever come true? What’s the strangest misspelling you’ve dealt with of your own name? Do you have a food you hate? What’s the most ridiculous answer you’ve given thanks to a misunderstanding?

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About http://jlennidornerblog.what-are-they.com

1. The New Year Blog Hop with Contest was the most commented on post — 81 total. Published on 1/1/2013.

2. I created this blog so I’d be easier to “get to know,” which is (possibly, depending on who you ask) important for authors. A paid evaluation service said this blog is too personal and uses words like “I” and “me” too often to be desirable for readers.

3. The April A to Z challenge is what finally got me to try blogging. It looked like fun, but only people with a blog could get in on the action.

4. A white background on the side? NO WAY. I wanted color. Two of the main characters from my (unpublished) Existence series, Heath and Xavier, “weighed in” with their favorite colors. Then I Photoshopped this:
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I’m giving away an ebook copy of my book, of the anthology I was published in two years ago, and a $10 US dollar Amazon giftcard. All will be sent to the email Rafflecopter says the winner used. Good luck!

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Thanks for this hop, Anna! You rock.

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  1. Mai T.

    Hello my name is Mai. I absolutely am against liver casserole. Why does that food even exist?

  2. Beppe DM

    Hi I’m Beppe. I love pasta and pizza
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  3. Diana Tidlund

    Diana and Pizzza and Fries are it!!!!
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  4. renee ficarotta

    What’s the most ridiculous answer you’ve given thanks to a misunderstanding?
    I’m not 90 you twit, im 35 and just lost ll 29 teeth….. was on phone with amazon customer service 2 days after surgery……
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  5. SarahS.

    Hi I’m Sarah, hotdogs.

  6. Sara Zielinski

    I don’t like celery, I also hate a lot of other foods as well.
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  7. Melissa

    Hello my name is… Melissa
    i don’t like pickles!

  8. Deborah Kelly

    Food I hate? Rutabagas. Yuck!

  9. jeanette sheets

    hi im jeanette!i dont like olives!

  10. natasha lamoreux

    I hate onions! I dont eat regular onions,dried onions, or onion powder.
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  11. Kelsey H

    Hi, I’m Kelsey. I absolutely hate eggplant.
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  12. Catherine G.

    “What’s the strangest misspelling you’ve dealt with of your own name?”
    I suppose the weirdest misspelling is the one I do myself. Whenever I try and spell my name, I have the strangest urge to spell it Cathering, I suppose because I’m so used to spelling words with ING at the end.
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  13. Melissa Sugar

    My name is Melissa, but my first name is Helene. It is pronounced “Helen.” It is Helen with an “e” at the end. Everyone thinks it rhymes with Elaina. I hated my mom for calling me by my middle name and then I did it to every single one of my kids. Their names just worked out that way. I wanted to use family names. My last name is the name that I get teased, harassed, taunted and even asked to verify as if the ticket agent or other person of authority doesn’t believe it is my real last name. Back before you had to show identification to travel I caught slack when making flight reservations. Then when I married and my husband’s last name is Gold, and I kept my maiden name, Sugar for professional reasons, I made the mistake of hyphenating my last name a few times. I will never do that again. Sugar- Gold certainly sounds like a stripper’s name.

    Food that I hate, hmm. Cottage cheese makes my stomach curl. I get nauseated just looking at it. I don’t like butter. I know I am weird. Not a big fan of mayo. I like pretty much everything else.

    Fun playing along.
    Melissa Sugar has this post to share IWSG – Happy New Year 2016My Profile
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  14. Richard Brandt

    It was my idea to hold a West Coast convention in Texas. It was crazy but it happened.

  15. Penminion

    Since marrying your cousin , I’ve gotten Porner, Dahmer, and Domer.
    Penminion has this post to share #boutofbooks #villainmashup and updateMy Profile
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  16. Joann Downie

    I have been called Johann and John!! The name is JOANN!! LOL

  17. Holly Letson

    What’s the strangest misspelling you’ve dealt with of your own name?
    I have seen so many. The weirdest for my first name was Hollee. (Honestly, I have never met a Holly that spells it “Double E” like that.)
    And, Letson? Probably “Lexon” or “Lexxon”. Have also got “Lettson” and “Lexson”. >.>
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  18. Natasha Donohoo

    The strangest misspelling of my name that I have seen is Natoshie.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Lee Todd

    hard to misspell my name….but being called Mr Todd Lee is always amusing (I’m Ms Lee Todd) lol

  20. Laura05

    Thanks for this fun post 🙂
    The food i absolutely hate is Red cabbage.

  21. Debbie Haupt

    Hi thanks for the great post and the fab giveaway
    I had to google scapple when you mentioned it on my blog post and My mom told me that my dad liked it with scrambled eggs, me i don’t think I’ll be trying it ;(

  22. tiago

    well,i hate any shell fish,even the smell is enough to make me want to leave the room.i really don’t get why so many people find it a delicacy!!!

  23. Karen Deva

    I hate celery. I hate the way it smells, and the way it tastes, and its texture. I won’t eat anything that has celery in it. I know a lot of people say that celery doesn’t taste like anything, but I beg to differ. [shudders]
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  24. roger simmons

    I love Cold Coffee and Cold Pizza

  25. Laura B

    Do you have a food you hate? I absolutely hate seafood, with the exception of grilled shrimp!

  26. Dianna

    My name is Dianna, which is unusual because it has 2 N’s. I can understand leaving out one, making it Diana. However, many people change the “i” to an “e,” making it DEanna.
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  27. Gabrielle

    I hate mushrooms! The texture grosses me out!

  28. Anita Powers

    I cannot eat meat on the bone like a chicken leg it freaks me out yuck
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  29. Jeanna Massman

    My name is Jeanna pronounced like Gina. This seems to really throw people. People I worked with for 17 years still pronounced my name wrong. I was Jenna, Jeanne, Je-Anna, and on rare occasions Jeanine. I answered to all of them.

  30. AHPG

    Thanks for this blogpost and participating in this fun bloghop, it is nice to get to know the authors better.
    As for an answer on what food i hate: I hate Pineapple 🙂

  31. Elisabeth

    I hate dates! Mostly because they look like roaches. :/

  32. C.Lee McKenzie

    I’m so used to eating anything that’s on my plate that I had to think a bit on this question about food dislikes. I guess the only thing I won’t eat is Menudo. It smells like long dead critters.
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  33. bn100

    haven’t had any unique ideas come true

  34. missbobloblaw

    I can’t stand the taste of chai tea.

  35. Nikolina

    I really cannot eat buckwheat… i hate it! 🙂

  36. Daniel M

    i can’t stand strawberries

  37. Mandy R

    Ugh. Peas. Mushy gross nasty things. They’re evil, too. They like to hide in pot pies and soups. Evil insidious peas.

  38. Sara Theissen

    I really dislike eating olives

  39. Michelle Willms

    I hate mayonnaise. I hate it on things, in things, even NEAR my foods. It is disgusting. I can even tell when it’s BAKED into my foods. I don’t understand how other people can’t tell. The food SMELLS like mayo. It’s so gross. UGH.
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  40. Anne

    For me it’s more hearing it then seeing it misspelled. I hate being called Annie. It’s Anne with a silent e.

  41. Michelle Bledsoe

    It’s my middle name that gets mispronounced. It’s spelled Aimee. It is pronounce Ahmee, not Ame….LOL
    I don’t like the smell of Kimchi. My daughter loves it.

  42. rene

    I eat almost everything, but i don’t like sauerkraut.
    Thanks for your post in this blog hop.

  43. JanD

    I don’t like Earl Grey tea.

  44. Janie McGaugh

    I hate liver and coconut.

  45. BookLady

    I don’t like olives. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  46. Melinda Stephens

    I hate cilantro. I have that gene that makes it taste like soap. It ruins everything for me and I can rarely eat at Mexican restaurants because of it.

  47. Kanoko

    My real name is pretty unique; its pronunciation even more so. I’m not sure even my relatives can spell it correctly if asked when they misspell my very simple, spell-it-how-you-pronounce-it nickname. It amuses me that they tend to add extra letters.

    I hate bitter melon.
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  48. Patty

    i hate all seafood . The smell really gets to me especially lobster ! angelbaby9186@netzero.com
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  49. Alisha Sienkiel

    Nobody can spell my name right or pronounce it for that matter. The weirdest spelling for my last name was something like Schenkel probably because its kind of pronounced that way

  50. angela

    I don’t like to eat sushi, not a big fan of cooked fish either but raw fish Yak 🙂
    Thanks for this post,

  51. Ashley Helander

    If I could only live on one food, it would be mashed potatoes and gravy. On the other hand, I dislike sushi immensely.
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  52. Josy Herrera

    I hate raw shrimp I only like it overcooked

  53. Shannon Flynn

    “Do you have a food you hate?”

    Do I ever! Kale, tomatoes, quinoa, tofu, spinach, kale (yes I hate it enough to list it twice), and anything I can’t easily identify.
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  54. Ann S

    I hate overcooked eggs – I’m soooo picky. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Kathy Davis

    I’m not a picky eater, and I’m willing to try most things. I will never eat any type of insect, no matter how it is cooked.
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  56. Jerry Marquardt

    I am Jerry, and I don’t like Brussels sprouts.
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