Feb 11 2016

The Highest Award in Movie Land

I was reading an article about authors who hate the movie version of their books. (http://mentalfloss.com/article/31001/11-authors-who-hated-movie-versions-their-books) I’ve also read stockpiles of articles where fans (myself included) discuss how good or bad a movie is based on how close it comes to the book. Here’s my BIG IDEA:

Create a new award ceremony

Categories would be similar to the Oscars, but all include “most accurately portrayed.”

Best Actor to have most accurately portrayed a character in a book.
Best Picture that most accurately portrayed a book.
Best Director to have most accurately portrayed a book.

You get the idea. (No, this isn’t just the best screen adaptation award, because they hand that out and sometimes it’s very unclear as to why.) Now, here’s the important part! IT HAS TO BE THE HIGHEST AWARD. You know how people get all excited about someone hitting the EGOT “quadfecta”? Well, there would need to be a new conversation. A bigger one.

“You don’t have a book portrayal win?” Dramatically sucks in air through teeth. “Aww, honey,” exaggerated frown, “I’m so sorry.”

Who wore it and who is it by image

The ceremony might not be held every year. Each award might not be given out every time. It wouldn’t be a “given” that someone is going to win simply by default. Either the crowd is astonished by the accuracy or they aren’t. No gray area. The awards would cover both film and television.

Voting would be weighed 45% by the author of the book, 40% by fans, and 15% by other.



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  1. Some years, there might not be any winners.
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    1. 😉

  2. It’s tough to live up to the reader’s impression of a book because the experience is so personal. I felt Gone Girl stayed true to the book mostly, for instance, but that Ben Affleck was too likable. You need a character that you aren’t sure is a good guy in the beginning.
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    1. Excellent point.
      I hope you saw the ShareTheLove post while you were here. <3

  3. When I read a book, I’m there in the scene, feeling, experiencing what’s going on around me. I know that movies need to be visual and leave out much of the side plots from books. Sometimes this can leave out some depth to the story line. I think your categories are good and I’d like to see them be adopted by the Oscars.

    I’m blog hopping with C. Lee McKenzie, et al. I like your blog and will be back. I’ll also follow your blog and connect with you on social media. Thanks for sharing this.
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