Mar 08 2016

HOW TO make a link clickable in Rafflecopter

How to make a clickable hyperlink in Rafflecopter by @JLenniDorner

It seems self-explanatory to many of us. But, based on how many Rafflecopter giveaways I’ve seen with improper links, it needed further explaining.

I usually put the link in both locations, in case someone has difficulty clicking a link.

These are square brackets “[” and “]”. These are parentheses “(” and “)”.
You put words in the first, in the square brackets.
You put a link in the second. A link starts with http. When you copy a link from your browser, the http might be invisible until you paste the link into something like this. Some links have an https – the s means it’s a secure site. Don’t worry, that will work. Some links have a www but some do not.

Then there are links that are entirely more information than anyone needs! This is tricky for the non-Internet savvy, but hang in with me.

See that link? You’ve got my search terms. You’ve got a reference. There’s all sorts of information in there.
What do you think you’d need to get to that page?

Obviously, we’re going to need the http colon double backslash.
The www is there, so we need it.
We know is the main page, so that’s important.
The book title is where on the site to look.

So try the link with just that information.
Amazon error image

Nope, that wasn’t enough! The dp and the code after that must be important. Try the link with that.


You now have a link that goes to the page, but doesn’t contain a ton of extra information.

This is NOT to be confused with link shorting. (That’s an entirely different lesson.) This is just giving links that aren’t longer than need be. It makes you look smarter and more professional.

One other note– If you’re going to have a pre-written tweet, make sure the length is appropriate. Rafflecopter adds a link back to where the tweet came from (ie: your blog), which ups the character count. I’ve seen a few people that go 1 or 2 over, which means the contestant has to pick what to cut.

Hopefully this was a helpful lesson, especially to those of you thinking of using a Rafflecopter giveaway during the A to Z challenge.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m one of the technically challenged writers and so need this information. I’ve shared it as well as liked the post. I’ve enjoyed the recent blog hop and connecting with other bloggers online.
    Victoria Marie Lees has this post to share The Narrative Voice in WritingMy Profile
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    1. I’m glad I could help you out.
      No one ever taught me html or anything like that. I had to pick it up here and there along the way. So I feel it’s best to share information when I see something that I figured out how to do and others haven’t. It sometimes feels like people who actually were taught can’t “speak” about it on a basic level. They have that coder lingo going on. I don’t! Ha ha.

      1. Well thank you again, my dear, for helping me to understand.
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