Mar 31 2016



If a society, group, or organization has the primary goal of making everyone feel accepted and treated as an equal, must they also be accepting of, and permit membership to, those who are not accepting and feel they are superior rather than equal?

  • “I accept everyone and believe we are all equal.”


  • “I accept everyone who accepts myself and others, so long as we agree we are equal.”


  • “I accept almost everyone, except certain criminals and those who do not accept me, because I’m better than those people, but I’m equal to everyone else who accepts this same idea.”


  • “I’m superior to anyone who isn’t like me in the way I value most. I accept equality only with those who are like me in the way I most value.”

Is it possible to inadvertently believe you are superior because of a belief that those who think themselves as superior aren’t, and might even be inferior because they fail to understand that all are equal? And, if so, can there ever truly be a society, group, or organization that actually accepts everyone and is able to treat all as equals? Could that only exist if there were no one left to claim superiority?

Should the One-Eyed Man be King?

In the revised story ending, where he sees a rockslide coming, his sight could be considered superior, though the villagers do not treat him as such. In fact, he’s treated as inferior for what he believes makes him a superior.

Obviously, I do not know the best way to remove a plague of hatred. I grew up on stories of equality and acceptance. But the stories shift by the end of the 1500’s. They turn to stories of people who believed in acceptance and equality so strongly that they, inadvertently, became to believe themselves as superior to those who could not grasp the concepts. The ones who could not grasp such concepts eventually took over. A belief in superiority over others allowed them to take over. You see, if you do not believe yourself to be better than another, it is not possible to conquer. Unite, join, ally… these are the words used when equals merge. Conquering is when one believes itself better. That belief cannot be inadvertent, it can’t simply come from thinking those who believe in superiority are wrong. There must be passion in it to conquer.

This is a dilemma. How can those who believe in and adhere to acceptance and equality ever rule, lead, or manage those who firmly believe in inequality? If an accepting, equality believing person tries to persuade by stating, “All are equal and should be accepted,” that is being unaccepting. The inequality belief person will respond as such, “You are not accepting of my belief that I am superior.”

This philosophical conundrum is the basis of political problems that has plagued humankind since the first civilization was settled. It isn’t new. It feels current only because of the abundant amount of attention it is given at the moment.

You Think You're Better Than Me HIMYM gif
My favorite show hinted at this on the Night Train.

Thanks for reading. I had to get this off my chest.

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