Apr 19 2016

#atozchallenge P is for Plot #Writing Outline the Journey of the Hero by @stephaniedraven

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P is for “Plot”
Book: Plot Your Book In A Month…With Scrivener by Stephanie Draven
My dice roll: 578 (ebook location out of 2246)
Lesson: Outline the Journey of the Hero

You do not need Scrivener to do this lesson. (But it helps.)

The Outline for the Journey of the Hero. The steps are sometimes in a different order, and sometimes they go by other names.

The Journey of the Hero image

I’m going to fill it in using Xavier and Wend from my Fractions of Existence story.


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Ordinary World: Xavier is leaving work.
Call to Adventure: The Inciting Incident that makes the protagonist want a change He realizes that the missing one of his kind is out there. Therefore, reuniting his kind and preventing the apocalypse is possible.
Refusal of the Call: As Xavier gets to known Gwendolyn, he realizes that she may not be happier or better off with him and their kind. She doesn’t seem well-suited to the tasks she’d have to perform if he reunited her with their kind.
Mentor: Guidance, inspiration, encouragement Heath present arguments in favor of Xavier being honest with Wend about what she is and pursuing her.
Crossing the Threshold: The rules are different The Eyes in the Shadows (antagonist group) make a move meant to flush out Xavier and his kind.
Tests on the Road: Training and preparing Xavier finds ways to hint to Wend that their kind exists. He secretly helps her tap into her power.
Preparing for Danger: Defeating problems Wend’s mental breakdown gets Xavier off his stalling butt. Jez cautions Xavier as he packs for California.

“We weren’t ready to know the truth when we were younger. Being apart from us is keeping part of her stuck in that same innocent youth. Her mind needs time to prepare; it needs a chance to form the question before you bombard it with such an overwhelming answer.”

Wend tells Xavier that feels she does not fit into his life.
Hero Confronts Greatest Fear: Things go bad Xavier gets Wend to agree to meet him for a “non-date, just two friends exchanging Christmas gifts and hanging out at the Santa Monica pier.” It doesn’t end as planned.

“You are the most conceited, arrogant, pompous man on the planet! I never want to see you again. Good-bye!”

Hero hits Bottom: Xavier has secretly to bring Wend back from the brink of death. He also has to get her to speak to him again.
Object Received: Way to achieve goal Wend is willing to talk in exchange for a shopping partner.
Chase: Xavier is invited to meet Wend’s family. Tred, her fiancé, shows up.
Final Confrontation: Xavier realizes that he might not be what’s best for Wend. He can’t offer her the life she seems to want— one that’s quiet and normal. The New Ordinary World: Wend is not allowed to decide for herself who she’s permitted to be friends with as it upsets her arranged-marriage fiancé.
Death/Resurrection: The hero has changed Xavier gives up his quest to reunite his kind and save the world. Call to Adventure: The Inciting Incident that makes the protagonist want a change Xavier leaves. He walks out of her life. But, now that she’s met him, she’s drawn to him. Something inside her shifted. Her mind prepares, forming a question that will have an overwhelming answer.
Hero Returns Home: A new home, or new place for the hero Xavier accepts the world is probably going to end and he and his kind are likely going to be defeated. But he believes Wend will have a happy life right up until the apocalypse. Refusal of the Call: Wend meets her fiancé’s children. She’s determined to make the relationship work.
Mentor: Guidance, inspiration, encouragement Meeting the children goes terribly. She realizes that she can’t live like this. She no longer belongs in this world, if she ever did. Then a conversation with a cab driver makes everything click.
Crossing the Threshold: The rules are different Wend decides to drive across the country to get to Xavier.
Tests on the Road: Training and preparing She can’t pack. The bank is closed for the holiday, so she can’t access much cash.
Preparing for Danger: Defeating problems A “nightmare” in a hotel. She questions if this is the right choice.
Hero Confronts Greatest Fear: Things go bad Wend’s car breaks down.
Hero hits Bottom: The car can’t be fixed in time for her to get to NYC by midnight on New Year’s Eve.
Object Received: Way to achieve goal She spends the last of her money on a bust ticket.
Chase: She makes it NYC, but Xavier isn’t home. Wend spots him in Times Square. The battle to reach him is on as The Ball is coming down.
Final Confrontation: She watches as Xavier kisses someone else at midnight.


Death/Resurrection: The hero has changed Every part of her body is broken. Wend has been kidnapped and is being tortured.
Hero Returns Home: A new home, or new place for the hero Wend’s safe and happy life is over. She will never be the same again.

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Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Did this Journey of the Hero interest you?
What object or advice have you received that helped you achieve a seemingly impossible goal?

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  1. I like author Lauren Kate’s advice: “finish what you started”. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that’s the gist. She got the advice from a friend of hers and she uses it to answer interviews where she’s asked writing advice.

    And I totally agree! Write the dreck of a first draft and then move on (and if you’re zero drafting, then pace yourself – you can jog and skip on running a marathon.

    As for the Hero’s Journey – I won’t ever use it. I mean, not unless I butcher it and use some of it. I couldn’t sit down though and force myself to outline to that level. Just staring at it frustrates me. Although I hear good things from writers who’ve used it. It’s not for me though, and that’s cool. It might work for someone else.
    Marna R. has this post to share A-to-Z Challenge (2016 edition): P is for PrematureMy Profile
    Find on Twitter:

  2. That Xavier! Wend goes through all of that and then he kisses another girl?

    I’m not much into outlining unless I’m writing essays, then I’m the queen of the outline. I’m still considering Scrivener, but haven’t taken the leap yet because I keep thinking I won’t write another book. . .then I do.
    Find on Twitter:

    1. Ah yes. Sort of. Ha ha ha. Hopefully most readers will be able to guess who he’s giving a New Year’s Eve kiss to, even if Wend can’t.
      There are free online how-to-properly-use-Scrivener classes/videos that will convince you one way or the other if it’s something you like. I honestly wish I had it back when I started writing this story.

    • Betty on April 19, 2016 at 11:22 PM

    I’m not a writer so not sure who I would be. In real life I tend to plot a lot so maybe a plotter?

    Thanks for visiting and blitzing me!

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