Apr 29 2016

Make lawn watering a GOAL to prevent greener grass on the other side #quote

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My exceptionally wonderful news from last month:

I was in WRiTECLUB2016! I am JavaInMe.

How did I do? What did I write? See these three links:

http://www.dlhammons.com/2016/03/write-club-2016-bout-15.html WIN!

http://www.dlhammons.com/2016/04/write-club-2016-cage-bout-5.html WIN!

http://www.dlhammons.com/2016/04/write-club-2016-playoff-round-3.html Loss.

#quote You can always learn and you should always learn. @JLenniDorner blog @YogiProducts tea tag


  • Publish two decent-selling book series (speculative fiction)
  • Survive at least another 39 years
  • There’s also the Bucket List.


2016 Goals:

  • Have 6500 Twitter followers ~ currently at 5990 — up 327 from last month!@JLenniDorner on Twitter
  • Download the update for my blog theme, whatever that might entail
  • Keep Supporting Diverse Books
  • Be part of 4 blog hops/fests.Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Participate in at least 2 #OABookClub reads
  • Rewrite and edit my urban fantasy novel, then get the new query letter out there Even more progress!
  • Enter 3 writing contests 1- Entered #WRiTECLUB2016, got in. 2- Entered and won OA Flash Fiction
  • Publish or be published somewhereMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goalx3!
  • Participate in Reading Challenges


Goals for May:

  • Leave a comment on 50 blogs
  • Read and review five books
  • Take part in Bout of Books

Bout of Books May 9 to 15, 2016 #boutofbooks @JLenniDorner participatant

  • Post my A to Z Reflection post on May 9
  • Be part of the Who’s Your Hero blog hop

Blog Hop Who's your hero May 8-18 2016

Rafflecopter Giveaway link in coffee cup image from @JLenniDorner #TeamArlee Arlee's #atozchallenge Ambassador badge 2016 @JLenniDorner


Review of Goals for April:

  • Comment on at least 60 blogs EACH WEEKMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • VOTE on EVERY Write Club Cage bout, Quarterfinal, and Playoff. Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Read and review two booksMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Be there every Thursday in April at 9pm EST for #azchat on TwitterMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Post my A to ZsMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Check out the responses to my guest post on Arlee’s blog on April 11Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal


#quote If the grass seems greener on the other side... water your lawn -image @JLenniDorner blog about goals

Featured Share of the Day: Have goals? Need encouragement? This blog hop is for you!Monthly hop to support anyone with goals and blog.


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  1. Tamara

    Wow, you’ve got yourself some pretty ambitious goals there! And you have achieved SO MUCH already!
    Good for you 🙂 Keep it up!
    Tamara has this post to share A-Z Blogging Challenge – Y is for you only live onceMy Profile
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  2. Marna R.

    Busy bee you’ve been! HA to the “grass is greener…” EE quote. Heehee. It’s so true! We’ve made it to the end of A-Z. April did fly by though…

    Good luck on the Bout of Books! I’m intrigued, but I might sit out this one and prep for the August read-a-thon.
    Find on Twitter:

  3. Tyrean Martinson

    Love that quote!!!
    Congrats on all your accomplishments!
    And wow – congratulations on the story win!

    Best wishes for May!
    Tyrean Martinson has this post to share Update Day April 2016 Do You Have Goals? Blog HopMy Profile
    Find on Twitter:

  4. kalpanaa

    Those are amazing goals and superbly inspiring. I hope you achieve them. I’m going to make some specific goals myself.
    Find on Twitter:

  5. Xaviour

    Very interesting goals and practically applicable stuff.
    Amazing how much you have achieved
    Thanks for sharing and keep writing
    Find on Twitter:

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