May 01 2016

The Other Story from Pen name JavaInMe #WriteClub2016

Pen Name: JavaInMe
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Sci-fi
Word Count: 496 words

Partisan Conquerors from Epsilon Eridani X

Sniderk settled in as the Mandatory Viewing Recap came on. A translator spoke for a bruised human male.

“We were on our usual and approved route. They waited for us there. We walked through them. What choice did we have? They groped us. I have bruises from how hard the unwanted touches came. We were marked, each of us, and are now outcasts from our own. I begged for mercy. We were obedient. We were good. I did not deserve this fate.”

The bruised male faded to black. No more translation would come. The Mandatory Viewing Recap reporter pounded the desk. The best broadcasts included a violent desk pounding.

“Deserve? He dares to speak about deserving a different fate? He still thinks he has fundamental rights on this world.” The reporter pounded on the desk again. The view shook, either for effect or because the pounding truly vibrated the camera. “Walking the approved and usual routes while being groped is an honor! He should thank us for willingly sharing his air. They all should.”

A montage played with sounds and images of many in agreement with what was said. It ended on a view of the highest leader giving a confirming nod.

“Get angry about the treatment of our kind,” the reporter pounded the desk with each word. “Furiously reject any suggestion that we are equal to them. They are worth less than excrement wipes. Lunge at them if they dare to walk near you. Control, control, control!” The desk broke. The reporter pounded the fragments, his blood squirting for all to see. “Embrace the lessons of repression that our leaders have taught us. Their kind will tire of asking for mercy. Exhaust the fight from them to maintain our dominance.” Drops of blood on the lens made the broadcast fade to red before fading to black.

The broadcast moved on to another story from a reporter of less importance. Sniderk stretched, hoping it would be done soon. Sleep weighted his eye covers.

“I do not understand, PaaPaa Sniderk. Why do we treat them like that?”

Passing on knowledge trumped his need for sleep. “Because they have potential. Their minds have no bounds unless we put them there,” Sniderk said. “We tried every other known method of conquering and control, all of which failed. Then we studied their history. Theirs is a two gender species. One gender decided it would limit the potential of the other at the onset of their existence. It worked. When more of them stopped repressing, the restraints on their kind faded. They created wonders the likes of which no other species ever has. So it became obvious to our leaders- the humans of Earth must be controlled by this method. That is how we won.” The Mandatory Viewing Recap ended. Sniderk could succumb to the weight of his eye covers.

“Do you mean that they treated each other this way long before we did?”

“Yes. That’s where we got the idea.”

Do not be a rapist. Handy tips! More on the blog of @JLenniDorner

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