May 02 2016

#atozchallenge #mindblown post

I commented all over the place. Every now and again, someone had a post that blew my mind.

Alex J. Cavanaugh – Origins of Science Fiction Terms and More!

Interactive Map
A small book with a ‘touch-screen’ paper interactive map.

First appeared in Return from the Stars by Stanislaw Lem in 1961.

My comment:

Interactive Map… I forgot what your theme was for a second and tried, repeatedly, to click on that. Because I WANT IT. Wait, it’s 2016, and we have Kindle, tablets, smartphones, etc… and we STILL don’t have these? Especially for fantasy, sci-fi, and historical ebooks?
Someone get on this! NOW!!!
I want it. I need it. Now that the idea is in my head, I can’t imagine how we’re living without it.
Have you seen the Game of Thrones (tv show version) opening credits? Picture that happening every time the location changes while reading the book.

Sorry, my comment has gone off the rails. WHY DOESN’T THIS EXIST???
I have some printed/real fantasy books with a map drawn in the front, which I’ve flipped back to in order to figure out the location being referenced by the characters. But imagine if I could just click the place name and a map would pop up when reading those books on Kindle.

Imagine reading Harry Potter with the Maurader’s Map at your fingertips on nearly every page.

I just geeked out so hard that there’s no going back.

Last year I moved to my blog to WordPress. During the challenge this year, I hit this milestone:

200 likes for @JLenniDorner since moving the blog to WordPress

line break

@JLenniDorner meme on blog w cat. It's not you it's me. No, wait, it's you. It's totally you.

My mind is also blown in a less happy way.

I have a blogging friend who was once a frequent commenter. I commented on her blog as well. In March and April, I left comments but received none in return. Did I offend her without knowing it? There’s no indication of anger on the five posts of her blog that I’ve commented on in March and April. (No reply at all, in fact. But that’s not uncommon or just me.) I’ve seen her comment on many other blogs we both visited.

Perhaps she is just busy with new friends? Should I just shrug my shoulders and move on because this sort of thing happens all the time? Honestly, if it weren’t someone who I enjoyed comment-swapping with, I wouldn’t have even noticed.

If I’ve inadvertently offended you in the past seven weeks, please let me know. Thanks! -J

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    • Juneta on May 2, 2016 at 10:12 AM

    I don’t the answer for the comment thing. I have a couple like that. I think they move on to a different place in their life maybe so don’t focus in the area that brought them around before? They had to set limits on how many they could visit and you didn’t make the list? Their interests change? It’s just overlooked because they are busy, so don’t realize it? There is the offended thing too I guess, but since obviously your post was not directed at them personally I don’t get that unless it is a moral,ethic or belief issue. I don’t know. I get the feeling sad about it.

    I still visit them to see what they do but don’t feel bad if I miss or skip them because of time restraints. Figure they no longer care if I make the effort or not since they don’t engage me anymore. I almost always like anyway if they have that feature. I comment when I have something to say instead of forcing or figuring something out when I have nothing to add too.

    I am sorry you miss your friend. It could be nothing too and they show in the future picking up like before. In this virtual world, it is hard to know we cannot read faces, body language and gestures to make a determination.

    If it is really important to you and she has a blog, send her message if she has a contact, telling her that you miss her interaction or ask if you offended. I mean no answer is what you already have and if they answer you will know and not worry about what you did anymore.

    Or just keep doing what you alway do since you meant no harm or insult and most likely her actions have nothing to do with you at all. She may not realize how much her interaction meant to you, so say tell her.

    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit
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  1. I often worry that my “humor” may offend people, so I try to hold that down to a minimum. So often we write something that’s sounds okay to us, but is interpreted differently by the reader. I think the “drifting away” factor is because we don’t often meet in person. It’s easier to stay connected if we’ve actually met and talked with someone.
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  2. OMG, I ‘lol’ed so hard at your geekiness! Love it and what is life if one cannot get excited and passionate about things eh? You could just private message your interenet friend to find out whats wrong you know and if that still hasn’t been replied to then c’est la vie, it was good while it lasted.

    still lol-ing.


    • Misha on May 3, 2016 at 8:12 AM

    I hope it’s not me that you’re worried about! O_O

    Although, I think I stopped by once or twice…

    But overall, April is a crazy busy month. So maybe give it a few days and then mail her if she doesn’t come back?
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    1. No dear, not you. <3

  3. Reading your comment cracked me up! I agree. What’s wrong with programmers today? We need that feature and we need it now.
    Congratulations on your 200th Like. And finishing A to Z.
    I suspect your blog friend is just overloaded with some aspect of life and truly appreciates that you still care enough to drop by and say hi.
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