Aug 22 2016

#boutofbooks 17 Bout of Books Day 1

Bout of Books@JLenniDorner is a #boutofbooks expert

To kick of #boutofbooks 17, I read a book by a debut author I’ve interviewed.
4 star rating image on the blog of @JLenniDorner
The power, energy, and feel of rock concerts seep out of the beginning of this New Adult book. Can one step out of life, take a vacation from who they are, and then waltz back in as if nothing happened? The book explores what it’s like to have lost yourself and embark on the quest to either find yourself or redefine yourself. It asks how big is the gray area of what feminism means to different people.

A stereotype is dismantled when Jewish Josie isn’t great with money. She even passes on a considerable sum that she’d have the rights to, and turns down an offered opportunity from her ex to potentially make a fortune.

There’s a British rock star with an accent that makes everything he says “sound like a sin.” Rarely seen in books: there’s a minor character named Josephina and a main character named Josephine.

Fans of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist will get a “Where’s Fluffy?” flashback. (I know I did.) The site “hashtag kissing dot com,” I’m sorry to say, is not an actual site. Nor is “All the Queen’s Men” an actual chess app that I could find.

Who’s your mom? “The soccer mom,” “soft and lovable,” “glamorous socialite,” or the “overachieving, helicoptering, perfectionist.” They all show up in this book.

My favorite part is when Josie asks people if they could do anything right now, what would they do?

A few steamy between-the-sheets (and other locations) scenes give it 3 out of 5 flames on the heat meter. (Do I have a heat meter? Guess I do now.)

Favorite quotes:
“It used to be an effort to dive off the tower of academic excellence– mentally correcting improper grammar and general verbal idiocy– and plunge my mind into the gutter. Now it’s almost too easy.”
“Have fun people, have fun. Live your lives. Time isn’t waiting for you. You are here to entertain yourselves.”
“They say water is good for cleaning dishes and for putting out homophobic fires. … I have no tolerance for intolerance.”
“It penetrates the layer of reality we convince ourselves we dwell in and carries us into a frenzy, into a wondrous fury, transcending the point of doubt that begs us, every morning, when we fight to waking, to ask is this all there is?”
“This is my hope– to spread peace, love, and debauchery.”
“In ten minutes, a kaleidoscope of fresh paper surrounds me, all holding the potential of ink-revealing stories and secrets.”
“Well, well, Josie. My favorite pussycat.”


My favorite book to movie adaptation =
. I’m ready for the “magic bus.” 😉

My absolute least favorite/most hated adaptation ever =
. Throwing table rage image

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I’ll be there for the Twitter chat tonight. Will you?

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    • Maggie on August 23, 2016 at 2:05 PM

    I’m kind of glad to know I am not the only person who has been sorely disappointed with the film adaptations of the Divergent series. (I am not sure how you felt about the first two – I personally was let down by all three!)
    Find on Twitter:

    1. It was the ending of the third. Peter’s character arc, especially, which just… *spoilers and curses* I seriously want the director to personally give me my money back, because that’s who bragged about making such ludicrous decisions.

  1. Hope you’re having a good time with the event!
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