Aug 31 2016

Fascinate an Author

I found a post about branding yourself and your business. Being a brand and business (as all authors are now), I was interested.

It strongly suggests taking a quiz. :

This brand perception test measures how others see you at your best. It has given me insight into my clients and the nuances that make them unique. Take the free test and you’ll receive a printable result with strengths and positive character traits you’ll want to amplify.

Here is ALL that I received for FREE.

Adjectives that might descibe @JLenniDorner

nimble: adjective: quick and exact in movement or thought; agile
unassuming: adjective: quiet and not attracting attention
independent: adjective: not influenced or controlled by other people but free to make your own decisions
reticent: adjective: unwilling to speak about your thoughts or feelings
autonomously creative: adjectives: independent and having the power to make your own decisions ~ producing or using original and unusual ideas
mystique: noun: a quality of mysterious attraction
innovation: noun: a new idea or method, or the use of new ideas and methods

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How does my author brand (how do I) interact with or behaves around others?
Who am I selling to and what am I selling?

My brand interacts with others through online social media, blogs, and books. It behaves mostly professionally, trying not to alienate anyone, but it’s also real and honest. I am selling stories to readers. I am selling the experience of fiction to people seeking to escape by reading words. I am selling a different way to look at certain knowledge and experiences for entertainment and possibly enlightenment.

What do I want to evoke from potential customers?

I want to evoke a feeling of mystery. A feeling of almost knowing what’s going on, but never quite being certain that you (the reader) are right. I want to provoke thought. I’d also like to cause a bit of controversy, the kind that leads to debates and intelligent discussion which results in positive change. My most loyal fans will probably be people who believe that the world could be run differently and not only survive, but thrive as a result.

Describe your brand like it’s a person. How would he/she behave? How would he/she dress? What values would he/she live by?

Since I am an actual person, this is going to be interesting. I behave like a hermit half the time, and an online socialite the other half. I dress comfortably. I’ll dress to “fit in” only if I absolutely have to. I live by values such as protecting nature, prizing education and wisdom, striving for personal growth, fighting for equality and respect for all, living passionately, staying unique, being a good friend and worthy of love, freedom, and enriching culture.

Now pick six words from all of that information. That’s the foundation for the brand.

  1. Freedom
  2. Unique
  3. Education
  4. Mysterious
  5. Innovative
  6. Intelligent

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I’m not sure. I’m wary of people selling help to me that in the end, isn’t very helpful.

    Do you think it helped you to grow as a writer and or a marketer? 🙂
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  2. I’m wondering who created the test. Interesting results from yours. Did you expect those results? I’m thinking you kind of already knew those things about yourself and now they’d been confirmed and put into specific descriptors. Interesting idea.
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