Sep 27 2016

Be Sure to Correctly Hyperlink especially if you are a #writer #author using Amazon


I just came across an article that made a point similar to my own. Except the article made it relevant to writers!

One possible reason Amazon thinks a reviewer knows the author (and thus tosses out the review or kills the weight) is that the reviewer clicked on a link from the author which was created via a SEARCH.

I discussed cutting hyperlinks to relevant information because it’s long and messy otherwise. Gwendolyn discussed doing it to prevent algorithm issues.

No matter what reason matters to you, it’s important. This is NOT just using a link shortener like bitly, tinyurl, or — this is about removing the junk, removing YOUR SEARCH HISTORY, before sharing a link.

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  1. Ahh yes. I’ve had to have this talk with authors about cleaning up links. So important.
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