Jan 11 2017

Expressing My Favorite Social Media Site

Express Yourself weekly blog meme

Jan 9 – 13 What’s your favorite social media site?

@JLenniDorner on Twitter
Twitter is my favorite social media site. It’s a fast and easy way to connect with people. There are short conversations that get straight to the point.
The direct messages, unlike email, always look the same. Same font, same font size, same color, easy and simple.
If tweeps would just stop using the automated “thanks for following, here’s a generated message to clog up your day with my self-importance” that’d be great.

What’s your favorite social media site?


  1. Twitter is also my favourite social media, much for your same reasos: it’s fast and to the point. There’s a lot going on. I like twitter chats (I’v emet so many people!), the mames, the challenges. There’s also lots of info to gain.
    But I like Pinterest a lot too. I’m a visual person, so no wonder there 😉
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  2. I’m so not a fan of Twitter but reluctantly use it. lol Gah those automated ones are really obnoxious. I favor Facebook most of the time but Instagram is growing on me 🙂
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    • tammylope on April 15, 2017 at 2:44 AM

    Facebook is my favorite social media most of the time but twitter is growing on me.

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