Feb 07 2017

Express Yourself with Ice Cream

Express Yourself weekly blog meme

Feb 6 – 10 What’s your go-to ice cream flavor?

What Flavor Ice Cream are you?
Mint Chip

Mint Chip – ecstatic and full of glory. Adventurous and curious, you always want to be learning something new. Often this gets you into danger, but you take risks no matter what the odds are.

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My favorite flavor of Ice Cream

Breyers Mint cookies and cream ice cream mint chip ice cream cone Blue Bell Mint Cookies and Cream ice cream


    • Misha on February 8, 2017 at 2:42 PM

    I like chocolate, strachiatella, peanut butter, coffee, vanilla, mint, strawberry….. You get the idea. I like ice cream. 😛
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  1. Oh yes. This was always my favorite flavor growing up. Now it’s coffee flavor but I do love mint chip still 😀
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