Apr 07 2017

G #AtoZChallenge Giving Leeway #Fiction #SFF

#AtoZChallenge2017 BadgeG #AtoZChallenge Giving Leeway #Fiction #SFF

My THEME for the A to Z challenge 2017 is an ongoing speculative fiction story featuring telepathy.

Each letter post is titled and inspired by a commonly misused word or phrase.

The story started with All Intents and Purposes.

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Giving Leeway

I catch up with Mr. Bennett after school.

I’m going to have to give you more difficult writing prompts for your journal.

We both laugh.

“There isn’t a point to writing to your younger self though. My older self, that would make sense. At least the intended person might read it.”

He shakes his head. “Anah, the point wasn’t for it to be read. The point was to reflect.”

I shrug. “If a time traveler appeared and offered to go back to abduct you at my age, to bring your young self to this time so you could raise yourself, would you do it?” Consider that I could be friends with that young you. It would be a chance to grow up knowing you aren’t the only telepath.

It’s a nice thought. You’re giving me a lot of leeway with that, some which is enticing and some which is dangerous. But no, I don’t think I would do it.

Because it might create a time paradox?

No. I grew up without the added fear of the HSMTF. I don’t envy your position, knowing what it is to be hunted for who or what you are rather than a choice you make.

I dig in my bag for my grapefruit mints, offering him one before taking my own. The tangy coolness fills my mouth as I consider what the world must have been like without that task force.

“At last, I got you to reflect!” Mr. Bennett grins. “You should journal the thoughts you’re having now.”

Yeah, I’ll go write down more evidence to be used against me.

Mr. Bennett shakes his head at my sarcastic remark. I feel a lecture coming on.

Giving Leeway not Leadway eggcorn G #AtoZChallenge #Fiction #SFF

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If a time traveler offered to go get younger you, would you want the chance to raise yourself in our present time?

by J Lenni Dorner
Reference and Speculative Fiction Author
A to Z Challenge Co-Host
Operation Awesome Debut Author Spotlight Organizer
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  1. I don’t think so. I preferred the time I grew up (early 60’s) to now. It was simpler. No fancy gadgets but less fear as well. Thanks for making me reflect.

    F is for Fleetwood Mac
    Janet Miles has this post to share April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – Flying to FMy Profile

  2. Definitely not. I am who I am because I was who I was. I love reading about the scenario being played out in a book though, or in a movie. I love the line about writing down more evidence to be sued against me. I’ve often thought about that in relation to my journal…the one I don’t write anymore because I write novels and blog instead.
    D.A.Cairns has this post to share G is for God DamnMy Profile

  3. I think its quite difficult to exactly pin point a time frame in ones life that one wants reversed. What if after bringing back a younger me, the grown up version is not that good as the current me? So better leave things the way they are 😀

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    • FinnBadger on April 8, 2017 at 6:00 AM

    It would be nice to grow up being smart phone/tablet savvy instead of feeling like the phone is way smarter than I am all the time. But otherwise no, I’m good where I am in the timeline.

    Phillip | G is for Gnome Calendar

    • Tamara on April 8, 2017 at 11:08 AM

    It’s worth a thought. Time travel seems like such an interesting concept.
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  4. Nope. No time travelling for me – with social media, I would’ve paid even less attention in school and to living friends 😉 Happy A-to-Z-ing.
    Ronel Janse van Vuuren has this post to share Gallant Galno #AtoZChallengeMy Profile
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  5. I would love to meet my 5 year old self. It would be great to learn her point of view of life and actually see life like that for a bit!! Great premise lenni

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    G is for Grape Stomping in Bangalore #atozchallenge
    SHALINI BAISIWALA has this post to share [G] Grapestomping |#atozchallenge 2017|My Profile
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  6. I would not kidnap my younger self and raise him. However, I would watch him to see if the older me was parented appropriately by that child. In other words, the me of now believes that the me of then “lived” a particular life and that the child made the man. I am certain that my views, my emotions and my psyche are the results of flawed perceptions of the past. Therefore, I am definitely the wrong person to parent myself as a child. In fact I’d suspect the child would be a better parent than the man…

    Great to have found you through the A to Z
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  7. Loving the interaction between these two. I wonder how hard it is to control what you’re thinking and how it’s picked up.
    Nick Wilford has this post to share A-Z Challenge 2017 – G is for GennikinMy Profile
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  8. I definitely wouldn’t want to grow up in these times so nope!
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    • Donna on April 9, 2017 at 9:02 AM

    Probably not. There are opportunities now that weren’t available then that I would have liked to experience, but all that happened in the past made me who I am today. I’m sure I would be a different me if I was my younger self now. Donna from Girl Who Reads
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  9. I wouldn’t want to raise myself, I was a handful lol! And I like that I grew up at the start of the internet coming to homes more readily, and technology developments that hadn’t been thought of before. 🙂 I love the time I live in now, but I like that I was part of a unique time growing up and wouldn’t want to change that.
    Natalie Westgate has this post to share Liar (Secret Diary Of A Serial Killer)My Profile
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