May 25 2017

Anti Inner Critic

I’m reading:
47 Mind Hacks for Writers by Karen Dimmick & Steve Dimmick
and using the exercises as blog post prompts.

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Note to my inner critic:
A few people have disliked the opening of Fractions of Existence. (*Rather, they’ve disliked various openings, as no two people who disliked an opening read more than one.)
Some people have liked the opening of Fractions of Existence. (Those same people have liked every one of them.)

I wonder if bakers go through this?
One person disliked the chocolate cake, which was the only one the person tried. One person disliked the cherry cake, which was the only one the person tried. One person disliked the hazelnut cake, which was the only one the person tried.
And the other few people liked all three of the cakes.

Why do the cake tasters that disliked have more weight to their opinion?
“Maybe the other people just really like cake. Any cake at all. Maybe they don’t know good cake from bad cake.”
And that might be true. But… doesn’t it also stand to reason that those cake loving fools are the ones out there buying cakes? Maybe the people who don’t like cake aren’t buying many cakes. Maybe they’d never buy a cake because they only like their own cake and maybe the cakes of two other people. Honestly, the cake disliking people, I don’t know them that well, so I don’t know if they eat cake.
I do know the other people. And the fear that they’ll like any cake I make is what gives less weight to their opinion, even though these are people who I know actually do buy cakes.

Words to say to counter the inner critic:

There are readers who enjoy my words.
There will be more readers, ones who will make it beyond the first set of words, beyond the first few pages, beyond the first chapter. They too will enjoy my words.
I will eventually get more than 50 Amazon reviews for Fractions of Existence.
I’ll honor my ancestors.


  1. Good comparison! Sometimes I feel that way about my card making and albums.
    Janet Miles has this post to share Man, It’s May! 365 Picture UpdateMy Profile

    1. I think we all feel this way about something sometime.

    • Lara on May 27, 2017 at 4:46 PM

    Very interesting critic! I learned a lot.

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