May 29 2017

Using Character Archetypes

There’s a great blog post about Lesser Known Archetypes over at

I examed my Fractions of Existence book to see how I used these.

The Penitent –
“that character who’s seeking cleansing, forgiveness, and redemption from a dark past”

In Fractions of Existence, that archetype is represented by Xavier.
The trouble is, Xavier doesn’t recall what he’s done. He’s just convinced that he’s done something. After all, why else would his mate be gone?

The Curmudgeon –

Fractions of Existence still has one, but it’s no longer obvious. This character is the narrator, who introduced himself in the one-paragraph prologue. But I’ve since cut that prologue, so now readers* will have no idea that there is a narrator until they meet him directly later in the series. (A bit of a breaking of the fourth wall.)

*Except for readers of this blog. Congratulations on finding out this insider information!

The Sycophant –

Meet Tred’s children and then tell me if they fit this. I believe they do.

What book have you enjoyed that used all three of these archetypes?


  1. An interesting mix of characters. I enjoy the breaking of the fourth wall. It must come from my reading Shakespeare early in life and loving how the characters stepped right up to my ear and told me what was on their minds.

    I have a soft spot for curmudgeons, too. Thank you, Mr. Dickens.
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    1. Very nice. I think fourth wall breaking is fun.

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