May 31 2017

Ideal Reader

I’m reading:
47 Mind Hacks for Writers by Karen Dimmick & Steve Dimmick
and using the exercises as blog post prompts.

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The task at hand is to identify my ideal reader. For the Existence series:

1- Someone who will buy, read, and review my books.

(That was kind of obvious, wasn’t it?)

2- Someone who enjoys fantasy mixed with the real world. Someone who is ready to think, to wonder, and to question. Someone who enjoys a bit of action, a little romance and sexual tension, splashes of darkness, and who isn’t closed off to the idea of beings more powerful than humans (at least in fiction). A reader who pays attention and is patient.

3- Anyone who has ever glanced at ancient histories, mythologies, or architectures and questioned how these groups of people who never met all had such similarities.

history pyramids

3b- Or anyone that ever read those old histories and myths and asked, “Okay, but then what happened?”

4- Readers who get through a whole dystopian book series (Hunger Games) and ask, “Well what happened before? What’s the story before society went off the rails? How did we go from our current world to the one presented in this society? Nuclear weapons, bad leaders, aliens, ran out of bees, what?”

Three is from the story my ancestors passed down. Four is how I figured out when the story should begin. (2003 to 2005 for Fractions of Existence.)

Do you feel like you’re one of those ideal readers? Have you ever made a list of your own ideal readers?


    • Misha on May 31, 2017 at 3:42 PM

    Yeah I could be. ^_^

    I like readers who enjoy thinking as they read and putting things together as they go. 🙂
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    1. Aww, thank you, Misha!

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