Jun 01 2017

Author Procrastination

I’m reading:
47 Mind Hacks for Writers by Karen Dimmick & Steve Dimmick
and using the exercises as blog post prompts.

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put the pro in procrastinate

Why am I procrastinating?

That’s the subject of today’s exercise.

What will happen when I complete my Fractions of Existence book? When there’s no more editing, reasonably speaking, to do?

I will have to come up with a promotion plan.
It might take months or years to get 5, 20, or even 50 reviews.
Some of those reviews will be from people who do not “get” the book, and some from people will not carefully read it.
Some people will question why I didn’t make the books into graphic novels. (I don’t have an interested artist.)
I’ll need to resume work on book two. The opening of book two is extremely dark.
Becoming the author that published FoE will redefine me from just “speculative fiction” writer to author of this.

If Fractions of Existence is a success, it will boost the sales of the next books in the series, along with the high fantasy series which follows. It will open up the minds of some readers, exposing them to a lore they haven’t heard of before, one that either enhances their beliefs or makes the reader question their beliefs. But some people will probably just think it’s a good fiction story and probably pick a character or two to ship. Maybe focus on a relationship that does happen, did happen, or that they wish would happen. I’m looking forward to Caleb’s shippers.

If Fractions of Existence is a failure, then I’m a failure. I will have fallen down on what was meant to be my destiny. I’d need to reevaluate my life, my beliefs. Hopefully, I’d just pick up and keep on writing. But I’d wonder why I was supposed to tell this story, why they picked me, if I ended up failing. But maybe it’d be one of the things where it’d become super popular 20 years after I’ve done something else or I’m dead or something. Kevin Smith reference time!
Clerks Box Office Opening: $31,665
Clerks II Box Office Opening: $10,061,132

What will happen in my life after FoE is published is that I’ll be able to direct people to a fiction book I’ve published, one with J Lenni Dorner on the cover.
I have no intention of stopping, of not writing anymore after FoE. In fact, I just made a year of weekly writing goals, and half of them take place after FoE is published.

Yes, I really need to publish Fractions of Existence. Not just because it’s my destiny and I was chosen or whatever, but because I love the story. I love these characters. They deserve a book series, so I’m giving them one.
I wouldn’t rather be doing something other than writing. Except, perhaps, making connections (which can lead to sales, so it’s writing adjacent). I wouldn’t rather have any other fiction book as my debut. Fractions of Existence has always been the first one I wanted to put my name on.
I don’t want anyone else to finish the book for me. Ghost writers are great. (I know, I’ve been one.) But this story is mine to tell. I was given these characters to weave into this lore.
Editing parts that I’m not sure are actually wrong… that slows me to a stop. It took me a few years to figure out that I’d need to change the whole setting of a scene because it’s the only way I could make the suggested changes. And the opening… that first part has been rewritten to death.

And the already written reasons:

I want to publish the Existence series because I believe the characters can give people a reason to aim for more peace, that the books could get one person to reconsider committing an act of violence against another person.

Remembered For Writing @JLenniDorner quote


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  1. Well, I certainly hope you get it published. Good luck!
    Find on Twitter:

    1. That’s my intention.

  2. I hope it gets published as well. If it is anything like the A to Z story of Anah, I’m all set to read it! Good luck.
    Janet Miles has this post to share Man, It’s May! Weight Loss ProgressMy Profile

    1. Thanks!
      I’d say it’s in the same universe but it’s a different story.
      Then again, Anah had powers, and these main protagonists have powers… (just very different ones).
      It’s adult urban fantasy rather than YA.

  3. “If Fractions of Existence is a failure, then I’m a failure”
    Go back and read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’, or the advice of Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and a whole host of other successful writers. Just because you don’t get your treasure published, you are not a failure. Just because you don’t get any sales, you are not a failure. Just because you don’t get any reviews, you are not a failure. And if you get any of those, Fractions of Existence isn’t a failure.
    If they are below your targets, you’re learning, and will do better next time 🙂


    PS Remind me to take my own advice any time you like!
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    1. I am publishing it. Since I can’t find an agent interested in a different kind of Urban Fantasy, I’m just self-publishing. I’m pretty sure I always knew I was going to go that route.
      Sales and reviews are the means that others frequently measure a book’s success by. (Thus the reason people include “New York Times Best-selling Author” with their name if they become one.)
      I perhaps didn’t clarify my own position here. The failing would be like any younger person who is trained for a certain task and does not meet that task to the set standards. The basis of this story, these characters, was given to me to find a way to share. Right now, I’ve only shared bits of it on my blog and with some BETA readers and editors. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I haven’t failed yet because I’m still working on it.
      It’s… hmm…
      I’d 100% agree with you and just say thanks if this were about any other story I’m writing or have written.
      I’m not making sense anymore so I’ll just shut up. LOL.

  4. I’m thinking right there with Jemima. Mmhm.
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    1. The book had me writing a lot of things that I don’t normally express.

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