Jun 23 2017

A Myers-Briggs ESTP Personality has this Superpower

I found this site while on Pinterest.

I’m an ESTP. According to the site, this means I have super agility. Actually, that makes a lot of sense. (I’ve been a fantastic tree climber since I was old enough to stand.) It also says I’m good at finding logical solutions and that I’m good in a crisis. Both also true.

A while back, I filled out Myers-Briggs tests for Xavier of my Existence series. He scored an ENFJ.

The site says his power is empathy, and it makes him a powerful leader. Very interesting, considering the story.

Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test? What are you? Which superpower on the list would you want?


  1. I am an INFJ and according to the site, my super power is Vision. While my actual eyesight isn’t super (I’ve needed glasses for distance since the 4th grade), I do believe I can look ahead and see the potential outcomes of situations or actions. I am hoping I use that power to “make the world a better place for future generations.” Have a wonderful weekend!
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    1. That’s awesome!

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