Jul 05 2017

An Antagonist Honey-Do List

Thanks to Tyrean Martinson who offered this writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: If the villain/antagonist of your story created a “honey do” list, what would be on it? Does your villain/antagonist have a significant other?

The villain/ antagonist in my story is actually a group of people (unless you want to go into the subplots of the character-vs-self…). And yes, some of them do have significant others. The group believes that my main characters have “trapped” humans on Earth. They want to find a way to kill or deplete the powers of my MCs in order to bring about the apocalypse, thus allowing humans to be “freed” from Earth, ending any reincarnation or new human souls.

Eyes in the Shadows Honey-Do List:

  • Find members of the Existence
  • Kidnap members of the Existence
  • Find a way to keep them in prison
  • Figure out how to kill them or deplete their powers permanently
  • Protect the cause at all costs

Have you discovered any writing prompts with questions about your current work in progress?


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  1. Having my villains have a honey-do list sounds like fun. I have a particular nasty baddie who I think would be interesting to do it with.
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    1. Excellent!

  2. What’s a Honey Do list? I understand a to-do list (things that you have to do) Is it the same?
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    1. It’s the to-do list you give to your “honey” (spouse, life partner, other half, what-have-you).
      As summer is when people try to accomplish things (clean out the garage, finish the basement, paint the shed…), someone came up with the hilarious idea of making a “honey do list” on a sheet of paper that looks like a honeydew melon. (Honeydew being a summer melon. Honey being an affectionate nickname. And “do” and “dew” sounding the same.)


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