Jul 14 2017

PhotoBucket Error

It seems that Photobucket is no longer hosting 3rd party sites with my paid plan (which is not nearly as costly as other paid plans).

So yes, I see all the error messages on my blog and other places. I have around 3000 links to update as I migrate to another host. (Yes, I should have done that ages ago.) Please be patient.


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  1. I’m changing hosting these days too. Always a hastle…
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    1. Yup. There should be an easier way.

  2. That’s messed up a lot of people. I’m glad I don’t use them anymore.
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    1. I had started using Flickr this year. But I hadn’t made time to move my old images. And, well… guess now I’m forced to make the time!

  3. What a pain. I hate when companies do things like that!
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    1. And no warning!!! No email heads up. Nothing. Just changed what my paid membership is good for (umm, NOTHING). The site, which I pay to have ad free, also has so many ads that it looks like a hacker attacked it. Terrible. Nineteen years, eight months using that company. Infuriating.

  4. That sucks. Someone else I know also had this problem and is scrambling to get everything fixed because all her images were there too and were removed.
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    1. Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt.

  5. Yuck! Who needs to spend time sorting out messes like this? Sorry. Hope you can fix this and get back to more productive pursuits soon.
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    1. Yeah. It has killed my other productivity plans for several days.

    • Trisha on August 7, 2017 at 9:13 PM

    That’s quite the task you’ve got in front of you!

    Photobucket was always the one I used too. I guess I should be checking my own image links.
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    1. Yeah. It’s daunting.

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