Aug 26 2017

S’more Goals

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My birthday was good. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to comment with well wishes here, on FB, and on Twitter. Much love!

I’m psyched about the Pass or Pages at Operation Awesome in September. (Check on the fifth to see the category!)

Twitter is only letting me follow a handful of people a week right now. I need to look up (free) a way to delete inactive accounts I am probably following. Any suggestions?

After at least five years of struggling with it, I FINALLY fixed the scene in Fractions of Existence that really bugged me. (Changed the setting of that scene.) It required a bit of research, so I am still behind on my weekly goals (from July… August looks okay).

I met my Read 12 Speculative Fiction books goal!

I’m in the middle of the Bout-of-Books readathon. (Hey… this post isn’t a book! I need to get back to reading!)

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  • Publish two decent-selling book series (speculative fiction)
  • Survive at least another 37 yearsMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goalfor 2017
  • There’s also the Bucket List.

Current Writing End Goals

From the End Goals of an Author post.

  • To consider the feedback of two (already lined up) Beta Readers and then self-publish Fractions of Existence in September 2017.
  • Self-publish Anah’s Story by March 20, 2018.
  • Find a way (emotionally, mentally) to complete the high fantasy short story.
  • Redo the longer version of the tribal story, then self-publish it in 2018.

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2017 Resolution:

  • This year I resolve to finish at least one of my big writing projects.

2017 Goals:

survivor #atozchallenge
@JLenniDorner #nanowrimo Camp-2017-Winner-Profile-Photo

2017 Reading challenges GenreSF120 #NewToMe2017 image #FlightsOfFantasy image debut author reading challenge 2017 image

2017 Reading Challenge

J. has
read 0 books toward
their goal of
50 books.

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Goals for September:

  • Read and Review 7 books
  • Get the next bookish BINGO card
  • Comment on 30 blogs
  • Pass or Pages duties at OA
  • Create another A to Z post on that blog
  • Fix more Photobucket broken links
  • Follow more All Author group members on Twitter (when it lets me)
  • Tackle TBR readathon challenge!
  • Publish Fractions of Existence

Weekly Goals:

Aug 27- Sept 2 Edit Anah’s story. Enter CWI contest
Sept 3- Sept 9 Edit Anah’s story. Finish FoE publication prep
Sept 10- Sept 16 Tackle TBR
Sept 17- Sept 23 FoE final fixes and Tackle TBR

Sept 24- Sept 30 Publish FoE.

Tackle Your To-Be-Read Readathon Sign-up!
Tackle Your TBR Readathon 2017

Review of Goals for August:

  • Read and Review 6 books Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Comment on 30 blogsMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • WEPFF Reunions writing challengeMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Fix more Photobucket broken linksNaughty List because @JLenniDorner failed to accomplish this goal
  • Follow more All Author group members on TwitterNaughty List because @JLenniDorner failed to accomplish this goal
  • Get bookish BINGO Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal

Bookish bingo August 2017 @JLenniDorner

Review of Weekly Goals:

July 30- Aug 5 prepare for WEP Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
Aug 6- Aug 12 FoE edits. Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
Aug 13- Aug 19 FoE edits. Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
Aug 20- Aug 26 BOUT OF BOOKSMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal

#boutofbooks august 2017

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@JLenniDorner is the Interviewer for the Operation Awesome blog Debut Author Spotlight on Wednesdays

NOW FILLING November 2017 SLOTS!

Please share the debut author image. Thank you!

Have goals? Need encouragement? This blog hop is for you!

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  1. Well done for finishing Fractions of Existence. Another step forwards towards publication.
    Ruth Livingstone has this post to share August update: the final draftMy Profile
    Find on Twitter:

  2. Happy belated birthday! You certainly are very organized with your goals. You’ve given me inspiration to get more detailed with mine. Thanks.
    Janet Miles has this post to share August Adventures – Pat Benatar and TotoMy Profile

    • Misha on August 27, 2017 at 4:10 AM

    You’re doing amazing!

    Yeah I also bumped up against that twitter follow rule once. Now I use ManageFlitter to help me unfollow in bulk. The address is You sign in your twitter account and give them permission to access it. Then they show you all the inactive tweeps, all the ones that have a high probability of being fake, and (my favorite) all the ones that aren’t following back.

    I culled hundreds the first time just by unfollowing the writer tweeps who followed and then unfollowed me.

    The secret is to have your follower count be higher than or equal to your follow count. They’ve never limited me since. 🙂
    Find on Twitter:

    • Angeline on August 28, 2017 at 1:19 AM

    Happy belated birthday! I’m always astounded at how much you achieve each month. It always makes me pull my socks up!
    Find on Twitter:

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