Oct 17 2017

Dark Places #WEPFF #FlashFiction Blind Date Goes Dark

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Dark Places WEPFF

*Trigger warning: Horror. Violence and gore ahead!

Dark Places #WEPFF #FlashFiction Blind Date Goes Dark @JLenniDorner

Blind Date Goes Dark

By J Lenni Dorner

‘Twas the night of the blind date, when all through our dorm
Every student was partying, as was the norm.
Some neckties now hung on doorknobs with ease,
As a request to all for privacy, please.
My roommate has nestled into a sweater of red;
Visions of dancing and kissing play in her head.
I tighten my ‘kerchief, bought at the Gap;
I wish I could skip this, and instead take a nap!
When out in the hall we hear hoots and hollers,
Might these be our gentlemen callers?
Straight to the door my roommate flies like a flash,
It opens, and I shutter, ready to throw-up on my sash.
My date is the beast that once left me to die,
As we’re introduced, I ask God, “Oh why?”
When blinking my eyes won’t make him disappear,
But wait! I do wonder, what have I now to fear?
With a kind Uber driver so lively and quick,
I knew in mere moments I’d play a mean trick.
More vengeful than tigers, more clever than chimps,
Let him whistle and shout, let them all get a glimpse.
“So nice to meet you. Can we be alone, Ted?”
Oh yes, my time’s come, and I’ll mess with his head.
We go for a stroll, and climb the high wall!
Now pushing him off, wouldn’t that just beat all?
Watching him fall would not be enough,
He needs to learn to not play so rough.
To the haunted house atop the hill we do hike;
With a house full of weapons, that’s where I’ll strike!
My eyes must be twinkling, as I hear him say,
“Are you sure you want to go into there, Mae?”
Turning my head, my flashlight flicks off,
“Join me inside. I swear it’ll payoff.”
I undress as I walk, from shirt to my feet,
leaving only the ‘kerchief as I head to a sheet;
A pentagram and candles left by some hack,
Makes a cover story that Ted died by magic that’s black.
His eyes — how they widen! His neck, how it bleeds!
The pin in my hair once again meets my needs!
Drool drips from his mouth as I fill in the blanks,
“You killed Maureen Fisher. This is my thanks.”
I pick up a pipe and bash in his teeth,
And by only moonlight, de-finger this beast;
I smash his feet like his face, then start on his belly.
I shake with a laugh; his last meal was p.b. and jelly.
Next, I move on to his chubby, the one he used to destroy
a sacred part of the Maureen-me with his evil ploy.
Removing his eyes and burning his head,
I’m so glad to know that he’s finally dead.
He’ll speak no more words, this foul, lying, jerk,
And harm no more girls; thanks to my work.
I shove what remains of a fist up in his rear-end,
Hopefully like that, for all eternity he’ll spend.
Then I spring into scrubbing until all’s clean as a whistle,
And re-dress in my clothing, once I’m free of his gristle.
Now I can exclaim, on this blind date night —
“Vengeful Death found a villain; he died in great fright!”

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Word Count 554 : FCA

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  1. Wow that’s definitely taking matters into her own hands.

  2. Not to condone random violence and lawlessness or anything…but good for her!!
    Nilanjana Bose has this post to share The Darkest Place : Write… Edit… Publish… October 2017My Profile

  3. Smiling broadly. Her vengeance was hot rather than cold – but delicious.

  4. Your rhyming is excellent. I read this and immediately thought of the rhyming from The Night Before Christmas. An interesting tale of revenge.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia
    Pat Garcia has this post to share WEP – OCTOBER 2017 CHALLENGE, A Dark Night Of The Soul – By Pat GarciaMy Profile
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  5. I love it, you don’t see many rhyming halloween stories! Glad she got her revenge.
    Laura Clipson has this post to share WEP October – Dark PlacesMy Profile
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  6. I know I shouldn’t cheer violence but I was cheering for her revenge! You go, girl. 😀
    So impressed with your rhyming – amazing!
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  7. An excellent rhyme and tale of revenge, but oh, the horror that was inflicted. Maybe even overkill!
    Thanks for another great WEP Halloween Challenge Entry!
    Yolanda Renee has this post to share WEP – DARK PLACES = GARGOYLESMy Profile
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    • desk49 on October 18, 2017 at 3:33 PM

    A horror I’m not certain
    But a great over kill
    Yes it seems to give
    Your readers a thrill
    He got what was coming
    In that dark room
    Tho I’d never date her
    For fear of my doom

    • Deborah Drucker on October 18, 2017 at 4:35 PM

    The Night Before Halloween? It is very good rhyming. Was the narrator the victim of this guy and now a ghost or was it her friend? Dark fantasy of revenge. Bind Date Goes Dark for sure.
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  8. Wow! Slam bam, thank you ma’am. Quite the tale!
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  9. That is one vengeful girl. The guy probably deserved it. Maybe… I’m not sure. I’m all for a just payback, but perhaps she went a bit extreme?

  10. Thank you … great rhyming … but a horror poem you’ve given us to read. Poor students … the life they have to live through now … well done – Hilary
    Hilary Melton-Butcher has this post to share Write – Edit – Publish Bloghop: Dark Places …My Profile

  11. LOL. That was funny. I smiled all the way through.

  12. Hi J Lenni! I’m sorry for being so late with my comments but I’m still recovering from an overseas trip and am struggling on little sleep. However, I’ve been reading entries and waited until I was fully conscious to comment, LOL!

    Wow! The violence in this was something to behold, all told to the rhythm of The Night Before Christmas, such a banal poem by comparison. I wouldn’t recommend such overkill over a past hurt, but this girl didn’t need to be part of the #metoo movement. She took matters (and all body parts) into her own hands.

    Deepest darkness for Dark Places!

    Thanks J Lenni!

    Denise 🙂
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