Nov 24 2017

Goals Oh Deer

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I saw the sad news that Misha might not be able to keep this goal hop going. Hopefully that won’t be the case! She’s a good person and deserves better.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in America. Thursday people eat turkey (just like the pilgrims probably DIDN’T in 1621… pheasant, deer, fish, shellfish, other small game– anyway) and lots of sides. On Black Friday, people flood the stores to fight for the best deals (sometimes literally). Then it’s Small Business Saturday, where people shop at the non-chain stores. Sunday they sleep, I think, I don’t know. And then it’s Cyber Monday, when people attempt to crash the Internet by massive online shopping.

How will I join in the festivities? By putting my book ON SALE this weekend.

Fractions of Existence

What else happened this month?
I was hit by a deer.
deer crossing

“This is quite the injury you have here, feller. Were you wearing a seatbelt?” -Emergency Room Doctor

Deer Gilmore Girls

I was sitting on a rock in the forest. I wasn’t even hunting.
I was blindsided.
deer humor

I may have landed on the Naughty List after this month’s goal failures. Can I pay medical bills with coal???

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  • Publish two decent-selling book series (speculative fiction)
  • Survive at least another 37 years Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goalfor 2017
  • There’s also the Bucket List.

Current Writing End Goals

From the End Goals of an Author post.

  • Self-publish Fractions of Existence in September 2017. Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Self-publish Anah’s Story by March 20, 2018.
  • Find a way (emotionally, mentally) to complete the high fantasy short story.
  • Redo the longer version of the tribal story, then self-publish it in 2018.

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2017 Resolution:

  • This year I resolve to finish at least one of my big writing projects. Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal

2017 Goals:

survivor #atozchallenge
@JLenniDorner #nanowrimo Camp-2017-Winner-Profile-Photo

2017 Reading challenges GenreSF120 #NewToMe2017 image #FlightsOfFantasy image debut author reading challenge 2017 image

2017 Reading Challenge

J. has
read 0 books toward
their goal of
50 books.

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Goals for December:


  • Create paperback version of Fraction of Existence
  • Set up Amazon author pages in other countries.
  • Fix my blog’s newsletter problem
  • Finish reading challenges
  • Find two more Debut Authors
  • WEPFF December
  • Fix more Photobucket broken links
  • Follow more All Author group members on Twitter (when it lets me)

  • WEP2017 writing challenges

    Weekly Goals:

    Nov 26- Dec 2 NANOWRIMO Work on Tribal and/or High Fantasy shorts
    Dec 3- Dec 9 prepare for WEP
    Dec 10- Dec 16 Finish Nano Stories
    Dec 17- Dec 23 Holiday Prep
    Dec 24- Dec 30 Edit Anah’s story

    Review of Goals for November:

    Review of Weekly Goals:

    Oct 29- Nov 4 NANOWRIMO Work on Tribal and/or High Fantasy Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal

    Nov 5- Nov 11 NANOWRIMO Work on Tribal and/or High Fantasy Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal

    Nov 12- Nov 18 NANOWRIMO Work on Tribal and/or High Fantasy half credit because @JLenniDorner accomplished part of this goal
    Nov 19- Nov 25 NANOWRIMO Work on Tribal and/or High Fantasy Naughty List because @JLenniDorner failed to accomplish this goal

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    @JLenniDorner is the Interviewer for the Operation Awesome blog Debut Author Spotlight on Wednesdays

    NOW FILLING December 2017 SLOTS!

    Please share the debut author image. Thank you!

    Try the Grammarly extension in your browser. Improve your writing!

    Have goals? Need encouragement? This blog hop is for you!


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    1. Wait? You got hit by a deer while sitting on a rock? For real???? That’s kinda funny and I apologize for laughing.
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      1. You aren’t the only one who laughed at the situation. It’s one of those funny things that’s a little not funny but really hilarious. I laughed too.
        Find on Twitter:

    2. My deer and I are having a dispute. It’s the same one we always have.
      “Those plants are mine!” I say.
      “Right,” they say. “Take it up with the sheriff.”

      So far none have hit me.
      C. Lee McKenzie has this post to share Networking 101 or An Easy AMy Profile
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      1. Deer are like that.
        They generally don’t like soap, if that helps you. Those little hotel bar soaps? Hang them, unwrapped, around your plants.

        I was hit from behind. At the time, I was wearing deerskin pants, so maybe it was revenge.
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      • Misha on December 27, 2017 at 6:12 AM

      Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I (and the bloghop) am back. Wrote you guys an email to let you know what’s going on. 🙂
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      1. I am SO GLAD that you’re back!
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