Jan 31 2018

TODAY ONLY #Bully/BestieQuiz #teensfortolerance #Colorblind @prbythebook

You may recall that I reviewed the book, Colorblind: A Novel By Leah Harper Bowron, on this blog (and other review sites) at the end of last year.

They have developed a new online quiz for middle schoolers up to adults:
“What Kind of Friend are You? Take the Bully/Bestie Colorblind Quiz!”

The quiz has 10 questions, each with 5 multiple choice answers.

Available TODAY ONLY

The quiz: http://bit.ly/2AKWWOw

Here are my results:

Based on your responses, it appears you are seen as a:

True Blue – TB

Everyone needs a true blue friend like you. You have a solid group of people around you and you would do anything for them. You are a protector and have no problem standing up for yourself and others. Bullies would never target you and are careful to watch themselves whenever you’re around. This is a rare quality, but one that you must try to encourage in others. If more people acted the way you do, the world would be a much nicer place. In the novel, Colorblind, you are most like the characters Lisa, Cathy and Karen, who stood up for each other and for what was right.

It was a difficult quiz for me. Three of the questions were without answers that I felt applied to me. I chose as best as I could, given the options. I can assure you that the results have at least one error, as bullies have targeted me (and, since the 2016 US Presidential election, still do). I have more than enough scars to prove it.


  1. To bully awareness! I think everyone has been the victim of bullying at one point or another, but how often do we pass it on, accidentally, because we’re just mimicking the behaviors we’ve experienced? I love the quiz.
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  2. That’s awesome! You do strike me as the kind of person that everyone needs as a friend. I’m abou to take the quiz. Maybe I should have taken it before I commented. I guess I can always come back and post my results. I’m not a big fan of those quizzes that make you choose the “best of “ answer , when in actuality, none of them truly apply. From your post, this quiz rather sounds very much like that. It says you are the kind of person who was never bullied in school and you say you were bullied. I’m Off to see how accurate it is. Oh well, can’t expect professional and accurate psychology from a ten question quiz on the internet – LOL. I’m just curious because I was never bullied in school, but with the advent of the internet , I obtained my first bully, an internet bully nonetheless . And let me tell you, internet bullies are relentless. I’ll let you know how I do on the quiz. Take care .
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