Apr 05 2018

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AtoZChallenge Theme 2018 J Lenni Dorner #SpeculativeFiction
26 parts of a Speculative Fiction story by J Lenni Dorner

#AtoZchallenge Letter F on the Blog of author @JLenniDorner

My scream leaves me gasping, then gagging. My lungs are on fire. The rest of my body shivers and shakes, fighting against the cold. A viscous, green, translucent fluid surrounds me. I’m going to drown in slime. Just one breath of air, just one, and I could maybe swim out of this.

But it’s so hard to move. Am I paralyzed? Maybe I’m chained? No, I’d feel chains, I think. This is different. I know I have limbs, ones I’ve used many times. They just aren’t responding. The shivers and shakes have stopped, I think. I can’t feel.

Either the fluid has no taste, or I’ve forgotten how my tongue works. Is there a smell? Slime should have a smell, shouldn’t it? Parsley water has a scent. Not a strong one, but a scent. It’s not as green as this. What could make this color?

Does it matter? I’m drowning in green slime, and knowing the shade of green isn’t going to change it. The only sound left is my heartbeat, which is slowing. Or fading. Maybe I’m going deaf. Can deaf people hear their heartbeat?

It’s gone. I feel nothing, hear nothing, taste nothing, smell nothing. Darkness will come soon, and I’ll be dead. My daughters will be orphans. But maybe I’ll see my wife and son again.

“Your newest Earthling!”

The words ring in my ears as I fall. A crowd cheers in the distance. Thousands of unfamiliar scents fill my nose. There are lights beyond the slime. I swim toward them. My limbs! I can move again. I can feel. I’m soaked in slime, and have never been more grateful to know it.

Someone grabs me.

“Earthlings have no worth here.” Something heavy collides with my head. I put up my arms in defense. The crowd chants words I can’t make out.

line break

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate your senses?

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  1. I admit I take my senses for granted, but ewwww, slime? Looks like this guy’s in a bit of trouble here.
    Janet Miles has this post to share Blogging From A to Z – 2018 – E is forMy Profile

    1. Indeed.
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  2. The opening paragraph is brilliant!
    Ronel Janse van Vuuren has this post to share The Importance of Folklore #AtoZChallengeMy Profile
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    1. Thank you.
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    • Melanie Crouse on April 6, 2018 at 7:52 AM

    This makes me appreciate my ability to breathe! I look forward to reading your letter G!
    Melanie’s Stories

    1. Excellent!
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  3. I found myself almost holding my breath, as if I were going to have to breath somehow through slime. Poor guy. Now I’m worried about him.
    Lynda Dietz has this post to share F = Feedback Is Needed Before You PublishMy Profile
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    1. Glad I could pull you so far in.
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  4. Terrifying! I assume there’s a way out as we’re only on letter ‘F’, intrigued to see how!
    Iain Kelly has this post to share F IS FOR FAMAGUSTA, CYPRUSMy Profile
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    • Juneta on April 6, 2018 at 9:22 AM

    Yikes, waiting for the next one. I need more air after reading that.
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    • Debs on April 6, 2018 at 10:32 AM

    Oh! An unexpected turn in the last two chapters and a breathtaking one at that.

    A-Zing this year at:
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  5. Drowning, my biggest fear. Yep, I’m a non-swimmer. Hope this works out for goodness sake! 🙂
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    1. Glad I could hit the “horror” end of speculative fiction for you.
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  6. Yes, I check my senses every day, my way of surviving and know where my mind and body are. And, senses are needed as a writer and author in storytelling – to lure viewers, readers, and listerner to our story.
    Bobbie Kinkead has this post to share Drawn LINE!My Profile
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  7. Well, glad there is a “light” at the end of the slime!

    I’ve actually practiced “appreciating” senses by writing short stories specifically focussing on one or another.
    1221bookworm has this post to share A Meaningful LifeMy Profile

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