Apr 09 2018

I #AtoZChallenge Invert the Essence #Fiction #SFF

AtoZChallenge Theme 2018 J Lenni Dorner #SpeculativeFiction
26 parts of a Speculative Fiction story by J Lenni Dorner

#AtoZchallenge Letter I on the Blog of author @JLenniDorner

“It means you either accept or reject me as your trophy.” She crosses her arms.

“And how do I do accept you? I’m not, I mean, I’d rather not,” I rub my hands over my face. “You’re not my wife, and I do not intend to have that kind of relationship with you. No offense.”

She sits on the mat beside me. “To reject me, you kill me, or send me out the door to be killed. To accept me you let me live.”

“That’s it? Nothing more?”

“I live by your hand or die by your hand. My life up to this point was spent preparing to be a trophy. I exist to please you.”

My stomach growls. “Sorry about that. And I’m sorry, for it sounds like your life is one of slavery. Can I do anything to improve that circumstance? Where are we? Maybe I know someone who can help you. My sister married a high powered attorney.”

She rubs my stomach. “You are very kind. My mother did not expect I would be given to someone like you. I do not know what an attorney is. The only person who can help me, change my circumstance, or improve my life is you, Attie of Earth.”

“I’ll do what I can. Not sure how you got stuck with just me though. Hey, why do you keep saying ‘of Earth’ after my name?”

“We are on Phaeton. I am your trophy because you won your first fight. You defeated Googahlack, as I said. Not an easy opponent. They say his kind can wipe memories and invert the essence from a body.”

I recall having no feeling, thinking I was dying. The slime.


“Hang on. I’m where?”


“You mean I was abducted? I’m on another world? When? How long have I been here? How am I alive? Are you an alien? Wait, I’m not on Earth… am I the alien here?”

She gets off the mat, walks to the wall, and presses it. A closet door opens. I see my clothing, folded, sitting on a shelf. There are other clothes, with colors and markings like hers, but they look heavier, like leather. She pulls a glowing cloth from a closet drawer. A moment later, she presses the cloth to my forehead.

“Calm down. You were given a choice to come here to fight. You have not been here very long, just since the first fight and the time we have spent together. I do not know how you define an alien.”

“Someone from a place other than my own. For example, I’m from Earth.” The glowing cloth feels cool and calming. Which is both nice and annoying, as I don’t want to be calm. I’m forgetting why I was so upset though.

“Yes, I suppose I am an alien. I am from Phaeton. My mother was from Earth, as was the mate she used to make me.”

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Do you believe there could be sentient life on other planets?

Photo of space by NASA on Unsplash

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  1. Probably but right now I’d prefer not to meet any of them.
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  2. I would say it’s quite likely but I also think they don’t really care about us.

    My blogs in the A to Z: Self discovery via travel and a separate Interactive story.
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  3. Absolutely! I don’t think that we are the only sentient beings in the universe — and perhaps not even in our own galaxy.
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  4. Oh, what an interesting conversation – we are trained to think they are the aliens, but isn’t he the alien in their world?
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