Apr 12 2018

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26 parts of a Speculative Fiction story by J Lenni Dorner

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“You must win. Killing is only required against a champion. The opponent may surrender, but at great cost.”

“What about knocking them out?” I rub my arms. The suit still feels too tight.

“Not all beings can become unconscious.”

Fantastic. I’m fighting aliens. “You know, on Earth, some people think we’re the only life forms. There are stories about space aliens, but most people think they’re lies.”

“Stories about food are not lies. Focus on those. Your world is far less advanced than Phaeton.”

I laugh hard enough to split the seams of my tight jumpsuit, if it had any seams. Which, of course, it doesn’t, as far as I can tell. “My people think your world is just a swamp. How advanced is this planet?”

She grins. “Advanced enough to convince your people that it’s just a swamp.”

I think of the sci-fi stories I read as a child. Phaeton was always getting blown up, creating an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Or, in one, it didn’t exist at all, there was just the belt because the world never formed. I wish those were true now.

Come to think of it, I only know of one book where Phaeton was a world with life. It was by Lenape Lifelong, a reclusive writer who no one knew anything about. Dozens of books, all listed as fantasy or science-fiction, but more than one turned out to be mostly true.

“You don’t have any books around here, do you? Maybe something by Lenape Lifelong?”

“Books… books… oh, yes, my mother mentioned how words are kept on Earth. Odd custom.”

“So that’s a no.” I sigh as Jenesis helps me stretch.

“Lenape Lifelong is my favorite author. We have the words, but in a different storage method. Win the fight, and I’ll show you after our victory meal.”

Stories that exist on multiple worlds? That’ll be interesting.

Part of the wall vanishes. A voice comes from the dark opening. “Is the Earthling ready?”

Jenesis replies with a honking sort of sound and shoves me through the hole.

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Have you ever read a fantasy or sci-fi book that seemed plausible?

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  1. Hi J. Lenni!
    I finally found my way to your blog among my jaunts through the A to Z bloggers.
    I’ve been playing catch up a little, which looks really bad considering I intentionally started a day late!
    But back to your question. It always amazes me when Sci-fi authors get things right – like a cryptic picture sent in an email where you scan it with your communication device to get a hidden message in text-speak. Of course, that’s not exactly how Orson Scott Card described it, but it pretty much describes some of the technology we have now.
    And what about Jules Verne? He sure got a lot right about the ability to transverse the globe in a matter of hours.
    Hmm, I wonder what sci-fi authors today will predict about the future!
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  2. Fantasy novels with lots of folklore at its core seem real enough to me 🙂
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    • Debs on April 13, 2018 at 9:33 AM

    Am very interested to find out what their alternative to books is.

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    Normally found at:
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  3. That was fun to read.
    I’m thinking, but nothing comes to mind (of course) of something that felt realistic. I’ll probably think up something when I’m not at the computer.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    My A to Z’s of Dining with IC
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author
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  4. I really want to see this fight! I always wish the Discworld series was real, because I would so want to live in it!
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  5. Interesting comparison on cultures and what they want others to believe about them.

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