Jun 10 2018

Surviving Thesaurus Suggestions with Humor



Having a rough day? Feeling poorly?

Remember that the opposite of being a survivor is being a main meal. That’s something I never thought about before. Perhaps the thesaurus thinks highly of the role insects play in body decomposition.

Also, remember that another word for being a survivor is “survivor”… which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there you go.

You’re only trash if you don’t survive! (That’s either motivating or insulting.)

I admit that “survive or die” always seemed a bit obvious in an annoying way to me. But “survive like residue” sounds like a hilarious new quote from the dystopian genre, and “survive or be a main meal” sounds like a Jurassic Park line.

Have you ever come across something in the thesaurus that seemed odd?

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