Jul 06 2018

Day Six of #NaNoProMo and Book Tag: How Do You Organize Your Reading Life

Day Six of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

Day Six was a recap and winner announcment day.

Book Tag How Do You Organize Your Reading Life

Thanks to the Blog All About it Challenge, I came across this post. I needed something more for today, and this suits that need. Enjoy!

How many books do you typically read at one time? How many are you reading right now?
I’d like to say I read one at a time. But there are two books I haven’t read straight through. One is a trilogy by three authors, so it’s just really long and daunting. The other contains subject matter that reminds me of the worse time in my life so I have to keep putting it down because it overwhelms me.

How do you keep your place in a book?
Forest Friends Magnetic Bookmarks
Unless it’s an ebook, since those tend to bookmark themselves.

Do you take notes as you read? What is your preferred note-taking method?
Yes. If it’s an ebook, I highlight and notetake there. But for printed books, I usually start a file in Google Docs or another cloud space.

How do you keep track of what you’ve read?
Goodreads and 50BookPledge are my primary means. I didn’t keep track before I started using them.

Do you set reading goals for yourself? What is your current goal?
Yes! I keep track of this every month with the goals blog hop. I’m really behind this year.

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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
J. has
read 0 books toward
their goal of
50 books.

Do you participate in readathons? Which ones are your favorites?
Bout of Books which is a few times a year and TackleTBR which is once a year.

When you decide what to read next, do you select from a reading list or choose books at random?
I have a pretty long TBR. But I also consider if the next book I read will help me reach one of my goals. Though sometimes I’ll also pick a book based largely on the fact that it’s there and it has a page length I can finish in the magic free time I’ve happened to have for whatever reason.

Do you ever read series books out of order?
This is actually a pet-peeve of mine. In the last few months, I actually deleted a few books from my TBR list because they weren’t book 1 in a series. So no, not if I can help it.

How do you store the books you own? Do you have a system for organizing them?
Ebooks are nice because they take up no space. I love physical books, but I try not to hang on to more stuff than I can carry on my back. (Which might sound crazy, and that’s okay.) My assistant, however, is a book hoarder, so I just add to her library.

When you finish reading a book you’ve bought, do you keep it or pass it on?
See previous answer.

Do you review everything you read? How do you decide which books to review?
For the past few years, yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. There’s one book I didn’t review because it was written for teens, by high school English teacher, and there were some typos, at least one of which created a curse word. I didn’t know what to say or do about this, as the person was someone who was helping me with something at the time, and I didn’t want to piss her off. (I’ve since found a few updates that one of my editors made to my own book which created errors. The thing is, I would want to know so I could fix them. But a few years ago, that thought didn’t cross my mind. I was just trying to fit my rhombus peg self into a crescent hole group, so to speak.)

How do you find out about new books you might want to read?
I come across recommendations on blogs, social media, from friends, and from running the Debut Author Spotlight.

If you’ve read this post and liked it, tag – you’re it! Copy the questions and post your answers on your own blog, then leave me a link so I can read your responses. (If you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave your answers in a comment below.)

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