Jul 08 2018

Day Eight of #NaNoProMo is About Book Marketing Tips and Ideas

Day eight of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

I’m not really sure who to ask for what.
How about this…

I’m looking for fellow bloggers who are interested in featuring an author who
– has a New Adult book out
– is a Native American (#WeNeedDiverseBooks)
– writes Speculative Fiction (urban fantasy, paranormal romance, myths, legends, parallel universe, pre- dystopian, dark fantasy, horror)
– is indie (independently published)


I really struggle with this. I have a lot of goals. Sometimes it’s easier to check off some of them than to do other things… like rewrite the second book while the first one still only has four reviews on Amazon. (I need to not let the lack of reviews get to me. I struggle with that.)

The Buck Stops Here

“You know the audience you have. You know the audience you want. You know where you want to go.”
I’m not sure that’s true, for me.
From what I can tell, based on some Amazon digging, my current “audience” is someone who rarely reads, someone who reads a LOT, someone who mostly reads erotica and non-fiction, and someone who mostly reads fantasy.
The audience I want would be… urban fantasy readers who are looking for something different. There’s a big chunk of urban fantasy readers who have crossed over from the mystery genre, and I don’t have that angle. And there’s a chunk who just want more vampires, werewolves, and witches… and I’m not going to satisfy that need, either.

“Then you’ve got your heroine who is some kind of special ultra-powerful thing, only she grew up not knowing that, and”
MishaBurnett January 4, 2014

Okay, that I do have!

5 Elements All Urban Fantasy Novels Must Have according to Writer’s Digest:

  1. “the classic urban fantasy setting is a dense, highly populated present-day metropolis”— Check! Most of the characters are in New York City.
  2. “magic/ something wild and strange”— Check!
  3. Voice in Tears quote from Fractions of Existence #book by @JLenniDorner #Myth #Novel #read #NaNoProMo

  4. “unknown that gradually unfolds throughout the story”— My website is called WHAT-ARE-THEY because that’s the mystery I’ve woven into the story, characters from a myth that only a dozen living people have ever heard.
  5. “first-person point of view”— Nope. I don’t have ONE main character. Each book in the series largely focuses on a goal and how these beings contribute to achieving that goal. Thus, it’s third-person POV.
  6. “latant or subtle eroticism”— Heath barely keeps his pants on. Xavier has plenty of oppertunities for sexy fun. Jez brings the fire. Caleb’s character doesn’t have much room in book one for this, but he’ll get fun in book three. Jun has other priorities. Wend is a virgin, but she does think about sex.

virgin eggplant quote from Fractions of Existence #book by @JLenniDorner #romance #Novel #book #NaNoProMo

what I want individual postings to convey. They’re consistent with the feel of my books, so one helps the other.
I sometimes blog about equality. It might not seem like that goes along with the books, but the characters will have a discussion about it in book two. Also, there’s no use hiding the fact that I’m a Native American. Anyone who doesn’t want to read a book because I’m not of the “Aryan Race” isn’t a reader I’d want anyway. Also, Caleb is gay, Jez is not a chaste woman, and there’s more than one reference to groupsex… so readers who are offended by those things probably aren’t going to like this series. And all the characters in the Existence would fight to free children from cages; so any reader who thinks it’s okay to imprison a child if a parent is accused of a misdemeanor can boycott me. Frankly, I’d take that boycott as a compliment.

My Social Media:

My Twitter feed has a lot of tweets about Urban Fantasy, #WeNeedDiverseBooks, writing tips, and writers.
My Facebook page has lots of posts about debut authors, quotes, and books.
My Pinterest has several of my interests, such as quotes, books, writing, thought-provoking ideas, blogging, views of the outdoors, humor, ESTP and other personality pins related to me, Native American interests, fantasy, equality, and gaming.
My BookBub and Goodreads show how much I enjoy reading a wide variety of books. (It also hints that I turn to the works of my fellow authors when figuring out the best approach to writing certain steamy scenes.)
My Instagram I still struggle with. I’m not sure the best way to make use of that tool. Honestly, the BoutOfBooks marathon is the main reason I even have this app.

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