Jul 09 2018

Day Nine of #NaNoProMo is About a Book Cover #coverlove #bookcovers #indiepub #selfpublish

Day Nine of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

What I love, I mean full on fandom crazy for love, is when a book cover has something to do with the story. I hate when I get to the end of a book and think, “obviously the cover was a random choice of someone who didn’t read this.” So I knew two things going into my cover design.
1- It would have two golden Fibonacci spirals twisting from the same point of origin.
2- Whatever else would have something to do with the book.

Use an Image that Grabs the Reader

Great views always catch my eye. There’s a chapter in Fractions of Existence that discusses the view which is shown on the cover.
My Pinterest board book covers that caught my eye/ have a lot of color, sparkle, text art, views of places, and Fibonacci spirals.

Evoke Emotions

Looking at that cliff evokes my sense. The feel of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair, the taste of saltwater in the air, the call of the birds overhead, the heat in my muscles from making such a climb, and the soft grass underfoot. Free but lonely is the emotion I feel looking at that.

Pick one scene from the book to convey

The reader is looking at, almost exactly, what Wend and Xavier both see in chapter 3.14.
Also, the spiral is there, which is a helpful visual for anyone unsure what the gold ink tattoo of “two Fibonacci spirals twisting from the same point of origin” looks like.
Here was my original mock-up cover.


It wasn’t well done. (It was a mock-up, never meant to be used on the actual novel.) But it does show the tattoo. Unfortunately, it only shows one of the antagonists. And while, yes, they are in the book because that’s the overall series problem, book one is actually more of a person-versus-self kind of story. (Xavier battles with himself. Then Wend battles with herself. Arguably, she also has a person-versus-nature storyline, if you consider an unplanned road trip to be nature in this case.)
I think the cover of Fractions of Existence is still easy to view as a thumbnail.
Fractions Of Existence Cover The spiral is there. Can you still see the sky, water, cliff, and sunlight?

Visually Pleasing

I’m pretty sure it’s not offensive, repulsive, unfriendly, or ugly. (Those words are antonyms of pleasing.)
Could there be a better cover? Yes. And if I had a few hundred more dollars to invest at the time of publication, I would have looked into that. Here’s the thing… books get new editions with new covers all the time. So, when the book generates some more income, I can look into that. I do believe that artists are worth every penny. If I had spent less on editors (one who made me seriously question which one of us needed a serious lesson in commas — I’m still not sure), then I could have put that into cover art. I wish I had.

I have absolutely no idea what the cover of book two will look like. (But it’ll have a spiral.)

Does my cover grab you at all? Evoke any emotion? Is it visually pleasing?

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