Jul 21 2018

Day Twenty-One of #NaNoProMo is About eBook Design

Day 21 of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

The main point of today’s lesson seems to be driving home that, with ebooks, the reader can change the look of the book, so try not to screw up the base model.

Trying to figure out if you’ve done that right is a whole other ball game.

When I first uploaded the ebook of Fractions of Existence, for reasons I still cannot figure out, the link to Chapter Three was missing. Perhaps because I have a Chapter 3 and a Chapter 3.14. In some cases, trying to fix it destroyed all my chapter hyperlinks except for Chapter 3.14.

Fractions of Existence ToC
Microsoft Word and Kindle Cloud Reader

Fractions of Existence ToC error
Kindle Paperwhite

Fractions of Existence ToC
Kindle Reader for Android

I think it’s fixed now. But I’m not sure how to check.

Here’s why the choice of font and size for an ereader is inconsequential.

Fractions of Existence Ch 7 Regular

Fractions of Existence Ch 7 large
(Both as seen on a Kindle Paperwhite)

I had help with my formatting originally, but not when I tried to fix the missing chapter link issue. Clearly, this is a subject on which I need fruther education.

#PhotoContest @JLenniDorner July 2018

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