Jul 28 2018

#NaNoProMo Day 28 Improved Author Brand to Blow Your Mind

Day 28 of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

#NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

Author Brand: “brand the author, not the book”
I’m well aware of this. That’s why all my social media goes to my name. My website is what-are-they, isn’t my name, but it is the brand I want to associate with my writing. That’s the element all of my stories have in common — that there are characters causing the reader to ask “what are they?”!

Also, when I interview debut authors at Operation Awesome, most of the questions I ask are about the author.

Author branding is the same as personal branding: the way you want people to remember you. (in terms of verbs)
I’m a writer who writes books designed to make readers ask “what are they”
I’m a Lenni Lenape writer who writes, reads, blogs, and volunteers in my community.

What are you an expert in? What research have you done for your book? What interests you? What are you passionate about?
There’s a legend passed down through a handful of Lenni Lenape storytellers. Integrating that into a modern-day story with characters who are fun to read about, that’s my answer to all of these questions.

Make a list of five or so keywords or phrases

  1. Lenni Lenape (Native American)
  2. storytelling
  3. writing
  4. legend
  5. characters
  6. urban fantasy/ speculative fiction (integrating into a modern-day story)
  7. read

“consistent with these topics”
If bloggings count as part of writing, then I’m doing okay keeping those seven items as my main topics.
On Twitter, I share/ retweet a lot of #writetips, which is part of writing. I also share #WeNeedDiverseBooks, which, to me, is part of the Lenni Lenape topic. And I share tweets tagged with urban fantasy.

It was a really good, very informative post today. Thanks, Rachel! Click to check out her books on Amazon.

Ohhh… check out my score on today’s headline!
day 28

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