Jul 30 2018

#NaNoProMo Day 30 It’s Helpful to Crave Blogging Fundamentals

Day 30 of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

#NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

day 30

Today I learned that every blog post is meant to be an introduction to my writing and my brand. That every blog post I write is really an ad.
(I feel an urge to delete 70% of my posts now.)

“Your blog’s subject matter should correspond with your book’s main concepts and themes, which should inform the topics you blog about.”

On day 28, the lesson was to make my blog about my author brand. These topics:

  1. Lenni Lenape (Native American) (diversity)
  2. storytelling
  3. writing
  4. legend
  5. characters
  6. urban fantasy/ speculative fiction (integrating into a modern-day story)
  7. read

Other than one post, I haven’t written much about the theme of Fractions of Existence.
One way to determine a theme is to look at who the protagonist is, what the big problem that protagonist faces in the story is, how that protagonist deals with that problem, and what the protagonist learned from the experience — then turn all of that into a general statement of universal truth.

Xavier is a protagonist who is charged with defeating The Eyes in the Shadows by reuniting The Existence in order to save all human life. He learns that he doesn’t want to steal even a brief moment of happiness from someone he loves, even though it breaks his heart and will mean the end of the world.

Gwendolyn then becomes the protagonist. She learns to trust herself and give up everything to take a chance on love.

(*Note: This isn’t strictly a love story, because Xavier would have made the same choice if it were Heath who was missing. And Heath would have given up his life path to be reunited with the Existence, except he’d need the memory flood first. So, in this case, the word “love” refers to the bond between people who care deeply for one another, not strictly romance.)

This brings me to the main themes of Fractions of Existence:

love means sacrifice
trust your instincts

I don’t think I blog about those things in a notable way. However, I do trust my own instincts when deciding what to blog about, so there’s that.

My posts are also supposed to sound like my book. I don’t know if I do that here.

“content that’s engaging and valuable and addictive”

There’s a look at several of my blog posts from this year.
Engaging= I feel the thesaurus humor post was engaging because it was meant to make my fellow writers laugh. The Colorblind quiz should have entertained readers. The guest post should have made people think.
Valuable= I feel the posts about my goals are valuable because goal setting is important. I also feel that book reviews are valuable to my community. Flash fiction is valuable to my brand. I hope the NaNoProMo posts have been as valuable to you, my readers, as it has been to me.
Addictive= The A to Z challenge is addictive in my opinion.

Both the guest post and the Colorblind post touched on diversity.

The last lesson is to always ask my blog readers to do something. A call to action.

Hey! Please enter the photo contest, spread the word about the contest, like an entry in the contest… you get the idea.

#PhotoContest @JLenniDorner July 2018


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