Jul 31 2018

#NaNoProMo Day 31 Make an Amazing Hypnotic Brand

Day 31 of #NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month

#NaNoProMo National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never!

read your books develop an understanding of what you offer or write, and that defines who they think you are
That makes me think about Stephen King and George RR Martin in a whole other light.
Actually, it doesn’t, because I tend to separate the writing from the writer. But I admit that I’m strange and was raised differently.

A brand is the conscious application of performance of product, performance of service, image, and an emotional connection with others.
I did use editing services, and got help with my cover design. I feel that I’m mindful of my “brand” when I’m on social media.

Image is what you project visually, and whether you believe it or not, your visual cues — such as color, font type and size, use of white space, choice of name, and logo – all tell the story of your brand… For an author, that begins with a name
The colors of orange and blue are relevant to the story. Plus, I like the way they look. The idea of white space being clean and nice doesn’t convert to in my head. Actually, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Maybe that happens if you spend too much time in the forest? The font type and size on my blog comes with the theme. I don’t know how to change it.
custom blog It seems easy enough to read.
what-are-they blog logo JLenniDorner Quill I put those together.
As far as my name, well, people really think about that? What else would I use? “A. Person”?

so they can then ponder what it is they feel
Do I use my blog to make readers ponder what they feel? Or any of my social media? Pinterest maybe.

Maybe your colors are not triggering the responses you wanted. Part of building a strategic brand is engaging in a conversation with those who experience it.

Orange is meant to be friendly, warm, adventurous, enthusiastic, and confident. More meanings: The color orange provides emotional strength in difficult times. The color orange adds spontaneity and a positive way of looking at life. The color orange relates to social communication and it encourages two-way conversation.

Blue is trust, wisdom, loyalty and dependability. More meanings: Blue is a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. It is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. The color blue is your helper, savior, your friend in need.

Do the colors on my blog’s background trigger any of those feelings for you?

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