Aug 06 2018

Unless You are Holding Yourself Back #writing

I found a Twitter hashtag the other day while surfing the home feed. With a bit of research, I discovered a group of writers doing 500 words a day and supporting each other. Pretty cool. So I posted about it.

There were several replies and new friends right after I made that tweet. One really stuck out though.

unless you are holding yourself back

Am I holding myself back? Do I do that?
At first I thought, “No.” But then it nagged at me.

I have some surgery scheduled for this month. Self-care? I don’t plan to write after, while I’m coming off the anesthesia and recovering. (That isn’t to say I definitely won’t, just that it’s not planned.) Am I holding myself back by not intending to write that day or two?

Snookums and I are going on a mini-vacation as part of my birthday plans. Away from technology. (That’s not to say I won’t scratch things out with a rock or ash, but I won’t be typing.) Any words I would write, if I write them, during that time would have to be rewritten/ typed in. Meaning more work. I’m not saying that’s bad, but do the words that are rewritten count to the day or not… Is that an excuse, am I holding myself back? Maybe.

And there are days where I plan to just read. And other goals and to-do list items, plus work and family and stuff. Am I holding myself back?

Am I?


Because I planned August with certain goals in mind. And daily writing wasn’t part of the goals. Am I holding myself back by achieving some goals instead of others?

As a writer, maybe. As a rounded person, maybe not.

This is an interesting conundrum.

Word count: 350

Unless I count the emails I wrote, the text-based conversation I just had, the instructions written, plus this post, I’m not at 500 for the day. But I’m running low on time if I want to get other things done tonight. (Like having dinner, bathing, and getting ready for work tomorrow.)

Am I holding myself back? Am I?

I really don’t know. Maybe I am.

Word count: 416

WordPress might be counting the HTML in from the Twitter embedded posts. The number might be inflated. I’m debating how guilty I feel about that. When I’m writing, really focused, 500 words is nothing. It’s easy. But I’m not doing that today. I did not make plans for that day. I maybe should have. I’d have to not do something else. Decide who to disappoint. Though, some of the groundwork I did today means less work for me later, because it sets up a delegation system. Fail today to succeed tomorrow?

Am I holding myself back? I don’t honestly know now.

Word count: 518


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  1. That is a good question to ask self. I have never kept up with Twitter feeds because I just can’t keep up enough to know what I am doing, but I may check that one out.
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    1. It’s a monthly thing. Seems interesting. Thanks for stopping by.
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  2. I like that the group is supportive and cheers each other on. And look- you got the word count in. Hope the rest of your August goes well. Who knows- maybe you’ll get 500 words in more days than you think. 🙂
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    1. One never knows. Thanks for stopping in.
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  3. I think you hit it on the head when you talk about balance. Life is more than just writing, and we need the full range of experiences to be effective writers and people. Writing is awesome, but real life has to come first.
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    1. Yup. All true.
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  4. I don’t think you’re holding yourself back. At least not all the time. Sure, we’re writers, but we can’t spend all our time doing it. We need to read, to go out and experience the world, interact with family and friends. All those things will help when you do sit down to write.
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    1. I agree. Thanks.
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