Aug 26 2018

Helpful Readathon #Reading Challenge Is Why I Love #boutofbooks 23

Challenge Day 6:

Discover Books
Bout of Books is known to add to your TBR instead of reduce it. Embrace it by sharing the books you’ve discovered through Bout of Books.

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Challenge Day 7:

Stretch Goal
It’s the last day of the readathon, so today’s challenge is to take a look at the goals you set for the week (if you have them) and decide a) how you can stretch yourself to complete them or b) how you can revise them so you can meet them. Because yes, you can revise your goals! If you didn’t set goals for the week, set a small one for yourself today!

My GOALS during Bout of Books 23:

  1. Finish reading 5 booksMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  2. Take part in the challengesMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  3. Write 5 book reviewsMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal


Day of the challenge: Day 6
What I read today: The Universe (Collins Discover) by Peter Grego
Day of the challenge: Day 7
What I read today: Water’s Blood (The Elemental Clan Series Book 1) by Elaine Calloway

Total number of finished books:
Titles of finished books:
A More Innocent Time by Eugenie Hill
Southern Living Country Music’s Greatest Eats
Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography
Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris by H.L. Holston
Zodiac Binding by Arya Karin

I missed the chats when they happened, but I’ve posted since!

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