Aug 31 2018

Update On Goal Challenge To Keep Focus

Got Goals Bloghop

Thoughts from my WEPFF entry:
– Intriguing that so many commenters thought Osiris to be a woman. It was based on a true story, but I changed names. I really thought I picked a manly name.

“In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the god of life, death, the flooding of the Nile and the afterlife. He was the brother and husband of Isis.”

Alas, I still have MUCH to learn about names, as I’ve stated time and time again.

– A few people suggested turning this into a longer story. I hadn’t really considered that before. I don’t know if I’d keep the fictional heart transplant or not (that’s a lot of very sad research) or use the actual reason he was hospitalized, or maybe use another reason. He really does have the nickname Bright Eyes, but “Ethan” wasn’t the one that gave it to him. Not sure if I’d keep that or give him a fictional one. (The song gets stuck in my head.) That’s a lot to consider.

Perhaps just toying with the idea should be a goal?

#quote A goal without a plan is just a wish


  • My Bookiversary is September 20 . (Amazon just changed the date to Sept 19, but I think our calendars are different because of timezones. It was the twentieth for me, and I swear it use to say that, but now it says 19. Umm, whatever.)
  • I was recently asked to write a column for a newsletter. I’m considering it, but I want to come up with twelve topic ideas first. I have eight so far.
  • The Debut Author Spotlight is going well. Only 5 more spots left this year!
  • I’m in Twitter follow jail. I even tried unfollowing 20 accounts (non-writers). Still no. I can’t follow more people yet. Argh!

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  • Publish two decent-selling book series (speculative fiction)
  • Survive at least another 37 36 years
  • There’s also the Bucket List.

Current Writing End Goals

From the End Goals of an Author post.

  • Self-publish Anah’s Story by March 20Naughty List because @JLenniDorner failed to accomplish this goal
  • Find a way (emotionally, mentally) to complete the high fantasy short story.
  • Redo the longer version of the tribal story, then self-publish it in 2018.

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2018 Resolution:


  • This year I resolve to be more engaged in my online writing community by regularly commenting on fellow writers blogs every month, leaving book reviews, and publishing another book.

Seven Focus Topics

I need to verify that I’m posting about these topics on a regular basis to keep my author brand strong.

  1. Lenni Lenape (Native American) — 1 post
  2. storytelling
  3. writing — 2 posts
  4. legends
  5. characters
  6. urban fantasy/ speculative fiction (integrating into a modern-day story)
  7. read — 4 posts

2018 Goals:

blog about it challenge 2018 try something new square 2018 book reading challenge all about the trope 2018 book reading challenge #BeatTheBacklist #amreading #books

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
J. has
read 0 books toward
their goal of
50 books.

autumn bookish bingo

From NaNoProMo July catch-up:


  • Inhale by Kendall Grey
  • Envisioned by Nikki Sparxx
  • The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky

#beatthebacklist #fantasy #books

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Goals for September:

  • Read and review 15 books
  • Beat my Backlist of books by reading 5 books from my TBR pile
  • Do Tackle TBR challenges
  • Work on spreadsheet organizing my TBR by page length
  • Comment on 30 blogs
  • Comment on 14 ROADTRIP #AtoZChallenge blogs
  • Finish A to Z survey results
  • Write the Escape post
  • Consider writing a short story to submit to IWSG anthology
  • Consider writing a monthly column
  • Write 500 words a day #SeptWritingChallenge
  • Work on publishing a book this year
  • Celebrate my bookiversary
  • Find more 5 more Debut Authors for 2018
  • Fix more Photobucket broken links
  • Follow more All Author group members IF I GET OUT OF TWITTER JAIL

#TACKLETBR readathon #amreading books IWSG short story contest

Review of Goals for August:

  • Read and review 15 bookshalf credit because @JLenniDorner accomplished part of this goal
  • Do Bout Of Books challengesMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Work on spreadsheet organizing my TBR by page length Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Comment on 20 blogsMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Comment on 10 ROADTRIP #AtoZChallenge blogsMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Write the Beginning postMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Write Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Enjoy my birthday! Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Help pick the new OA team membersMischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Find more Debut Authors Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Fix more Photobucket broken links Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal
  • Follow more All Author group members on Twitter half credit because @JLenniDorner accomplished part of this goal

Review-a-thon in BoutofBook-ers Facebook group

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Have goals? Need encouragement? This blog hop is for you!


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  1. I see that someone has surpassed me on your most commented list. I’m sad. Thank you for reminding me about the A to Z Road Trip. It is time I took another stroll through there. The link to that does not work on your September Goals list but it does work on the August one so you might want to look into that. Happy end of August, J. Lenni!

    1. Oh no! Someone commented more than you? Better catch up! 😉
      You’re awesome. *hugs and feeds candy*
      Thanks for the heads up on the link. Last month it made me add “www” to the front of the address. But it seems I forgot to update that in my notes. Whoopsie. Should be all right as rain now.
      Find on Twitter:

  2. Looks like you rocked your August goals. I should look at mine and see how I did…or even if I made some. I can’t remember. LOL
    Find on Twitter:

    1. LOL. Join the hop with me. It’ll help inspire you to keep goals and check on them monthly. Improved my life.
      Find on Twitter:

    • Angeline on August 31, 2018 at 3:08 PM

    Wow! That’s a lot of mischief managed in August, well done! Here’s to a fantastic September!
    Find on Twitter:

    1. Indeed! Thanks for cheering me on.
      Find on Twitter:

    • Misha on September 1, 2018 at 5:47 AM

    Nice going on your goals!

    About twitter, my suggestion is you use manage flitter to unfollow everyone who isn’t following back. A lot of people follow only to get the follow-back, and then unfollow a few weeks later.

    I’ve unfollowed a lot of people this way, to the stage where I followed fewer people than the amount that followed me. (Because a lot of them aren’t writers and I follow writers, pub industry (sometimes), and artists exclusively.

    The result is that twitter no longer limits my follows.
    Find on Twitter:

    1. It seems I’m following 900 too many people.
      There are some of those who I’d keep even though they aren’t following me back, because I have a genuine interest in their Tweets.
      But that is a LOT of accounts to go through and pick which to keep and which to chuck. And it isn’t like glancing a bio always reminds me who someone is…
      Pain in the butt! And time I’d much rather spend reading or writing!
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  3. Love the reading goals, and I’ve seen the reading bingo before, but I’ve never taken it on. It seems I’d get frustrated by genres I don’t love–this based on past reading experiences. It’s good to experiment, and it’s good to figure out where our own “happy” is at, eh?
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    1. True, true. I happen to be one of those odd ducks who enjoys reading from nearly every genre. Thanks for stopping by!
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