Sep 20 2018

Book Review #TackleTBR #Punchbowl of Books #NationalPunchDay

Tackle Your TBR Readathon 2018 #TackleTBR
Tackle Your To-be-Read Read-a-thon 2018

Today’s Challenge:


Punchbowl of books!

List three to five books that “mix well together” even though they’re from different authors and maybe even different genres.

Here’s my answer=
The five key ingredients to J Lenni Dorner’s punchbowl of books:

Day of the challenge: Day 4
What I read today:
Best Punch Cookbook: Punch Recipes to Make Your Food Exciting by April Blomgren
Water’s Blood (The Elemental Clan Series Book 1) by Elaine Calloway

Total number of finished books: 1
Titles of finished books:
Best Punch Cookbook: Punch Recipes to Make Your Food Exciting by April Blomgren

Book Review:
Best Punch Cookbook by April Blomgren 3 star rating image on the blog of @JLenniDorner

September 20 is National Punch Day, which is why I read this book today. It has 30 punch recipes.

The apple and mint punch sounds good.

Mexican Pumpkin Patch sounded like one I could try next month. Except I don’t know what size/ amount “two packets” of dark brown sugar might be. (Is that those “sugar in the raw” packets at Starbucks??) Then it calls for two limes, but never uses them. But it does use a lemon zest, which isn’t on the ingredient list. It also calls for water, but doesn’t say how much. And pineapple cubes, but then suggests pineapple slices for a garnish. So I don’t understand the recipe.

“If you like fully colored red bottles, then this drink makes the best of Malbec bottles using.” – I do not understand that (in the Autumn Bourbon Sangria recipe). But the punch sounds delicious.

The Ginger Tropical Punch sounds good, though I don’t know how if “many hours” means 3 or 12 or 24? Or why frozen, concentrated juice has to be used if it’s just going to be prepared by the package instructions anyway.

I’ve never seen Darjeeling tea at the store, but it’s on Amazon, so not impossible to find.

There’s a quote in the “About the Author” section that really resonated with me:
“Cooking is not about succeeding every time, it is about the opportunity to learn and get better.”

I have not read anything by this author before.
try something new square 2018 book reading challenge

My GOALS during TackleTBR:

  1. Finish reading 3 books
  2. Take part in the challenges/ contests
  3. Write 3 book reviews
  4. Be a great host on Thursday!

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