Sep 28 2018

Pumpkin Spice Goals and Dealing with Blows

Got Goals Bloghop

Yesterday, I posted about the latest blow to my soul. I won’t rehash it here. On the upside, a friend of a friend is considering creating an opposing anthology that would allow diversity, just to prove that you can have a “clean read” G rated anthology AND everything and anything covered in the We Need Diverse Books movement.

The Rafflecopter giveaway from my TackleTBR guest host spot is still open for a little bit, so click to enter.

I’m still in Twitter jail. It’ll be a while before I can follow again, I’m guessing.

My Bookiversary was September 20 .

I set up an Amazon ad campaign, just to see if it was worth it. For me, it wasn’t.


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  • Publish two decent-selling book series (speculative fiction)
  • Survive at least another 36 35Mischief Managed because @JLenniDorner accomplished this goal for 2018!

There’s also the Bucket List:

  1. Publish a book and sell 2,000 copies of it in one week or 8,000 copies of it in one month.
  2. Watch a meteor shower while in the Cranberry Lake area of New York or Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. (USA)
  3. Visit Mount Sinai.
  4. Skydive
  5. Learn how to play checkers.
  6. Take a hot-air balloon ride over Maine.
  7. Have dinner at Armando al Pantheon in Rome.

Current Writing End Goals

From the End Goals of an Author post.

  • Self-publish Anah’s Story by March 20Naughty List because @JLenniDorner failed to accomplish this goal
  • Find a way (emotionally, mentally) to complete the high fantasy short story.
  • Redo the longer version of the tribal story, then self-publish it in 2018.

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2018 Resolution:


  • This year I resolve to be more engaged in my online writing community by regularly commenting on fellow writers blogs every month, leaving book reviews, and publishing another book.

Seven Focus Topics

I need to verify that I’m posting about these topics on a regular basis to keep my author brand strong.

  1. Lenni Lenape (Native American) –2 posts
  2. storytelling –2 posts
  3. writing –1 posts
  4. legends — 1 posts
  5. characters — 1 posts
  6. urban fantasy/ speculative fiction — 3 posts
  7. read –7 posts

#goals Finish what you start

2018 Goals:

blog about it challenge 2018 try something new square 2018 book reading challenge all about the trope 2018 book reading challenge <#BeatTheBacklist #amreading #books

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
J. has
read 0 books toward
their goal of
50 books.

Autumn Book Bingo 2018>

From NaNoProMo July catch-up:


  • Inhale by Kendall Grey
  • Envisioned by Nikki Sparxx
  • The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky

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Goals for October:

IWSG short story contest

Review of Goals for September:

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@JLenniDorner is the Interviewer for the Operation Awesome blog Debut Author Spotlight on Wednesdays


Please share the debut author image. Thank you!

Have goals? Need encouragement? This blog hop is for you!


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  1. Lots of mischief managed there, well done! I’m doing the crazy NaNoWriMo thing again this year, but not sure it’s quite going to fit in timing-wise, so I suspect I’ll end up doing another run of starting the month writing one book, and then switching to writing a different one. Ah well. Best of luck!
    Find on Twitter:

    1. Yeah, I’m doing NaNo too. Good luck to us both!
      Find on Twitter:

  2. I read your other blog post and I’m so sorry. *Hugs*

    Well done on achieving so many of your goals, though!
    Find on Twitter:

    1. Thanks so much. It really hit me harder than it should have. I don’t know why.
      Find on Twitter:

  3. Whew! Goals like crazy! I love it. If I try to chart myself out like that, I go crazy, but I suppose that’s because I can’t plan for all the crazy that happens in a single day. Taking it easy is the way I have to go, counting the small successes and breaking larger projects into little pieces.
    Find on Twitter:

    1. I had tried making weekly ones, and found that was just asking for Murphy’s Law to go on the offense. So month, year, and lifetime. That’s what I’m sticking with. It’s actually really helpful. Not everyone in the hop does it like me. (Okay… I might be alone with this method…) But it’s the flowchart from my mind.
      Find on Twitter:

  4. I like your bucket list. Sell 2000 books in one week. Yeah. That would be amazing! Hope it happens for you!
    Find on Twitter:

    1. A really “out there” task, something not easy. I figured I needed a huge thing on the list. To balance out some of the stuff that seems easier.
      Find on Twitter:

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