Oct 11 2018

Feeling Support

In my Escape the Hate post, I discussed how I felt, as a diverse person, being lumped in with profanity and violence. And that, as a supporter of the We Need Diverse Books movement, I wouldn’t join a certain writing contest.

Never in the post did I identify the place, contest, or those running it.

On Sept 20, I told my snookums. And one other person. (Told… freaked out in a message… poured my heart out… however you’d phrase it.)

Sept 20 Facebook message
(Profanity and identifying information has been removed.)

That person was with our mutual friend at the time, who happens to be a fellow A to Z cohost.

By Sept 27, they told a mutual friend, who runs a publishing company.

I don’t know what happened from there, exactly. I know the publisher friend asked the contest creator about the rule. And found the answer to come up short. She suggested people enter stories that break the rule excluding certain groups, but let the stories remain “G” rated, just to prove a point.

Then Twitter and Facebook both went nearly viral talking about this. Guess I’m not the only person upset that diversity could, allegedly, knock a book off the “clean reads” shelf. (The exact wording, it seems, has undergone a few updates. I know this from the viral posts with screenshots. But the exclusion remains.)

Twitter has some responses (that I could find). Some examples:

Reply 151 Retweet 3 Like 5 (The original of this tweet belongs to the contest runner.)
Reply 44 Retweet 29 Like 128
Reply 30 Retweet 338 Like 352
Reply 3 Retweet 9 Like 58
Reply 1 Retweet 14 Like 40
Reply 3 Retweet 18 Like 28
Reply 6 Retweet 6 Like 52
Reply 49 Retweet 73 Like 177

But Facebook is going nuts. Here’s one example:

38 Comments 2,039 Shares viral FaceBook reactions

That’s a lot of strong feelings.


  1. I’ve seen a tweet going around about a writing contest that put LGBT in w/ no violence. It’s probably this same one, eh? They were definitely getting taken to task. I may have lol’ed a little.
    Find on Twitter:

    1. The odds are incredibly high that you’ve seen what I’m talking about. The site DID change the wording. So the pressure for equality won out, it seems. It still hurts my heart though, given the time, promotion, etc from over the years. I didn’t expect to feel hated or shunned or whatever from that place. But I do now, and I have no interest in continuing a relationship with people who I know would prefer I didn’t exist. I mean, I get a LOT of that already (especially as a Native American in America today). Don’t need it from one more place, you know?

      Thanks for commenting.
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