Oct 30 2018

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Speculative Fiction. Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Romance. Myths & Legends. New Adult.

Book Summary of:

Fractions of Existence


XAVIER DOYEN aims to prevent THE EYES IN THE SHADOWS from bringing about the apocalypse because he believes that’s what he’s meant to do. He’s hampered by a missing resource that would make his team, THE EXISTENCE, powerful enough to win. Xavier pursues the goal of winning GWENDOLYN WRIGHT’s heart because he believes that she is that missing resource and that their love will compel her to rejoin the team.

Gwendolyn (aka: Wend, Candra) pursues the goal of winning Xavier’s love because she decides she’d be happier with him. Winning his heart means, to her, that she’s worth being loved (as a wife, a woman, more than a glorified babysitter). He put her on a path to self-confidence that she didn’t realize she lacked. This life change means independence from her family and the future they’ve planned for her. She’s meek and provincial, but braves traveling alone from southern California to New York City in her beat-up old car, turning her back on her family to seek out an uncertain future. She has no idea about being a missing resource or about the group hunting her kind.

The Eyes in the Shadows want to free humanity from the prison of Earth by bringing about the apocalypse, but the Existence has always been able to stop them. Some of the group believes they’ll be rewarded “in the next plane” for ending humanity’s reincarnation loop. Others want to defeat the omnipotent beings because they believe humans are more loved, are the superior creations and are meant the reward of a certain afterlife. They believe that all they need is to separate, capture, and destroy one of the Existence. They don’t know that Gwendolyn is already separated, and that her quest will lead her straight into their NYC trap.

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