Nov 22 2018

Thanksgiving Neighbors

If you saw your new neighbors were hungry, would you feed them?

What if those neighbors were very strange and didn’t fit in your neighborhood?

Suppose they seemed unaware of how to do even the simplest task. If you don’t feed them, they will probably die in the next few months.

What if you do decide to bring them food, and find their house is full of weapons. Not even a crumb for a mouse, but plenty of weapons. And on the wall is a map. Not a very good map, mind you, but it’s obviously a sketch of your neighborhood. Except they’ve renamed everything and have crossed out the houses of your friends, the buildings where you relax or pray, and your workplace. But they tell you not to worry about that.

Those neighbors ask you to stay, to enjoy with them the food you brought. And, though they seem unaware of basic customs, they’re nice enough. Over the meal, they ask you about where you keep something you’ve never heard of. They are quite instant that you do know about it. When they describe it, it sounds worthless to you, but it is their most prized item. It isn’t food, can’t be used for shelter, and isn’t clothing that would keep one warm over the winter.

Next, they tell you that everything you know about lore is wrong. And that makes you a bad person. Well, not exactly a person. Something lower than a good animal. These people have some very odd ideas. Getting to know them may prove interesting. How could they exist as long as they have? They don’t even know what a potato is, much less how to grow one.

What if I told you that one day those neighbors would kill you, your family, and everyone you’ve ever known. They’d wipe your neighborhood off the map.

But don’t be bitter. They will have a holiday to remember the time you brought them food. It will be more about the food than your gesture, but still. And the next day will be about spending gold, the prized thing. They will remember you and thank you for all you did.

Today, are you the hungry neighbor or the one who feeds the neighbor?


  1. LOL, I hope I am the one who feeds. Yikes! Happy Thanksgiving.
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    1. I hate to give you a 397-year-old spoiler alert, but it REALLY doesn’t work out so well for the ones who feed. They mostly get annihilated. And the ones who don’t are hated and frequently (especially in the last two years) mistaken for other peoples.
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